The gambling world is on a continuous rise. According to data from the gambling industry’s trade group, “IGaming Business”, global betting volume was up 10% in 2017 and is expected to grow at a similar rate in 2018. With such rapid growth, it’s important for gamblers to stay ahead of the latest trends and developments. We’ve identified 10 of the most prominent online gambling trends that will shape online poker and casino games  like rtp slot tertinggi hari ini and judi slot online over the next five years.


  1. The multi-channel revolution

Facing stiff competition from offshore bookmakers who offer much lower margins, land-based casinos are actively diversifying their offerings in order to bring crowds back onto their gaming floors where they can be monetized more effectively. This includes partnering with leading technology companies to bring unique multi-channel experiences to their customers, offering everything from online slots and poker games to special events and live entertainment in a combination of digital gamification strategies.

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  1. Mobile gaming hits the bullseye

While land-based casinos are working hard to innovate and reconnect with their customers, online providers face an opposite problem – a lack of foot traffic. With time spent online already surpassing time spent watching television, digital gambling operators are looking for new ways to attract customers to their sites and retain them for longer periods of time. Mobile gaming is one such solution that is being increasingly adopted by major casino and poker operators worldwide.


  1. The gap between land-based and online casinos narrows

Land-based casinos have traditionally been seen as the pinnacle of the “gambling experience” – placing players right in the heart of their favourite action with great service and a luxurious environment. Online casinos, on the other hand, were seen as more of a watered down facsimile that couldn’t compete with the real thing. Thanks in part to innovation from operators like w88888, however, online gaming is quickly becoming a source of true competition for land-based casinos – rather than an alternative or inferior alternative. Soon enough it will be “won’t you get something better at home” vs. “come to our casino for the best experience”.

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  1. The expansion of social gaming

More and more people are coming to online gaming sites to play with friends longer than ever before, whether it be for a friendly game of online poker or some casual slots action. Social gaming appeals especially to the younger generation – who, in spite of the fact that they are often strapped for cash, want to socialise and enjoy themselves just like they would at a traditional casino. With this demographic as such an important factor in the success of casinos, operators will continue paying close attention to ways they can attract and monetize this powerful customer base.

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  1. Poker’s focus on the game and its participants will remain

As online poker continues to evolve, with more international players coming online and powerful software advances brought on by sites like Sbobet, PokerStars and Betsoft, poker will continue to become more of a game than just a place to gamble. Gambling companies face stiff competition from offshore sportsbooks who monopolise poker in the online environment – which is why many leaders in the industry are turning their attention back towards their major focus: the game.


  1. Casino games will grow in popularity

While casino games only captured 1.4% of all global gaming revenues in 2017, the growth has been steady, and full-blown betting halls will continue to take up this percentage through 2022. Though mobile gaming is quickly becoming a leading factor for more and more players, casino games will still remain very important for operators all over the world, especially with international players, who are only getting more attracted to the online version of their favourite casino games.

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  1. The future of “social casino” games

Casino operators have done a great job with social games like slot machines and baccarat, but can they do the same for casino games? In order to make their casinos more attractive and compelling, some casinos are turning to the idea of “social casino”, where players can interact socially as well as in-game. This is an attempt to make players feel more part of a team – and more engaged in the overall experience – than they would simply being another customer who plays a game.


  1. Casino online will continue growing in the US market
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Online gambling is on the rise here in America, from land-based casinos to online ones. By 2022, the US market for online gaming is expected to grow at a rate of 20%, driven by the Playtech acquisition in 2014 and continued innovation in both game selection and management. This rapid expansion is attributed to citizens’ desire to spend their leisure time in an area they feel safe. With gambling laws more devolved, more people are looking towards online casinos as a safe place to spend time.


  1. The fight between land-based and online casinos will continue

Though land-based casinos have been struggling with a decline in numbers in the past few years, it’s still no surprise that social casino has yet to prove itself as an effective method for casinos’ survival. People like the social aspect of gambling, but they prefer to do so in a land-based casino, where they feel more comfortable and can enjoy the luxury of their favourite casino games in person.

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  1. Online casinos will continue to offer unique experiences

Casino operators will continue to seek new ways to bring customers back to their sites for longer periods of time. New technologies are being adopted by online casinos at a rapid rate, and innovation is becoming a major priority for game providers all over the world. This expansion will be seen in both mobile and land-based gaming as each competing sector works toward providing players with more unique gaming experiences that they can’t find anywhere else.



The future of gambling is bright, and it’s not hard to see why. While there are some concerns over the negative effects of gambling, the convenience and safety that online casinos provide means that this industry is likely to continue growing for decades to come. With new innovations in both land-based casinos and online ones, leaders in the field are doing their best to make this dream a reality.

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The changes listed above may seem significant at first glance – but in reality they are just the tip of the iceberg for gambling companies all over the world. There will be more changes, more improvements and more innovations in how operators bring players on board – whether it be through casino games or mobile gaming – than ever before.


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