In this post, we are going to be looking into the benefits of probiotics for babies. This article is meant for parents that have children in their homes and also want to ensure that their baby’s health is as good as possible. If you have any questions or concerns about probiotics, please feel free to comment below and I will try my best to answer it! 🙂


What Are Probiotics?

When people hear the word “probiotic,” they usually think something gross like a certain organism being carried from one place to another on somebody’s shoe. While it might be true, probiotics (medical term for “good” or “beneficial”) are actually any type of microorganism that helps the body in some way. In this case, “probiotics” help the body by helping it maintain and produce healthy bacteria in the gut.

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A healthy microbial balance is important for not only our immune system but also for the production of vitamins and other nutrients that help the body function properly. Probiotics can also help prevent reproductive cancers by increasing cellular immunity to inflammatory disease and digestive problems.


Here are 4 benefits of probiotics for babies:

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  1. They help with Colic

For some parents, the thought of a baby who cries up to 3 hours per day is unbearable and they become depressed, irritable and tired. This is where probiotics can help! Studies have shown that colic can be caused by an imbalance in the gut bacteria which in turn causes gas and pain.  A study done in Japan showed that when babies were given 10 probiotic strains of bacteria for two months, the babies cried for less than 2 hours per day! The probiotic also helped decrease their pain levels.

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  1. They can help with Allergies

Probiotics can also help prevent allergies in babies since it affects the immune system positively. Babies that are delivered naturally, and are breastfed, have the highest levels of probiotics, usually from the bacteria that comes from their mother’s birth canal and breast milk. The probiotics will help stimulate the immune system, helping to prevent allergies in babies that develop later in life as well as other allergies like asthma.


  1. It helps with Digestive Health

Probiotic organisms live in our digestive track and keep bacteria levels high so that bad bacteria don’t grow uncontrollably.  It also helps with the breakdown of food, keeping our digestive system healthy. They also provide nutrients for good bacteria which we take from our diet.

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  1. It helps keep the immune system in check

The bacteria in our gut fights off bad bacteria, helps our digestive track and has a lot to do with the way our immune system works. When you give your baby probiotics, you are helping to strengthen his or her immune system and ensuring that everything is working properly.



Babies’ bodies are developing and changing every single day. When giving your baby probiotics or organic formula, you can start to notice a positive change in the health of your child. It will help make them healthier and happier!



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