Despite the pandemic, schools universities, and multiple educational institutions have kept up the good work. Teachers and students have been extremely hopeful of their learning environment, to a level where teachers have made up specific training procedures so that they can not only adapt to the online platform but also build a good means of interacting in an offline setting too. This new environment is known as hybrid learning, which combines offline traditional experiences where teachers can have face-to-face interaction, and an online one either through video conferencing API or learning management systems.


Students have now come to terms with the fact that this hybrid procedure will be in view for a long time now. The main reason responsible for the permanent decision is that students and teachers were benefiting a lot from video call API, they could access the website from any time anywhere, and there was a lot of convenience in taking exams too because learning platforms are entirely automated so there is the minimal chance of making mistakes. There are other advantages also, but there is no denying the fact that nothing can compare to offline classes, because of the practicality in it. You cannot teach some subjects online, such as mathematics that needs real-life demonstration in terms of 3D geometry; and chemistry- where you need to perform specific lab activities which must be done under teacher supervision only in an enclosed and protected environment which has been made for this exact purpose.

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Importance of student-teacher relationship


In the entire process of shifting learning names from offline to online, and then back to a hybrid format again, the communication has been hammered. Students and teachers no longer interact at that level anymore in which they used to. There is constant stress and anxiety about how online education might work out in combination with offline classes, and much more things to begin with.


If you are a teacher trying to establish proper rules, which are specifically set to make hybrid learning more convenient, you might want to focus on the well-being of your students first. This can be possible only when you build a proper relationship with your students. They might let you in on some feedback and first-person suggestions. Since they are the ones who will be using the hybrid learning form to their advantage, they might be able to let you in on innovative ideas which you can pick up and apply.

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Most importantly, make them feel included. You are setting up a hybrid learning form for their purpose. Therefore, they must be informed and included in it, not only after the entire setup is complete but also through the shift.


New forms of teaching need new patterns


The activities which were performed in only online classes were different, but now the offline activities are coming back into view. wondering how you can combine them to find a perfect balance? Observe your student’s behavior. Ask yourself, what makes them learn the most and enjoy learning it. Throw in some critical thinking activities here and there so that you can discuss new ideas. Introduce newer topics in an offline class because you can practically demonstrate real-life examples to them much more easily and observe individual students on how much they are focusing.

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Hybrid learning has always existed, but only recently has it been a common form of learning. Therefore, your course of activities must also be different. Here are some commonly known tips to help you out;


Fun activities for classrooms


  • Live discussion and debates meant for interactive purposes, on the lessons which were taught on the same day.
  • Lab or science activities under professional supervision.
  • Educational classroom games.
  • Counseling and therapy for concerned students, including group therapy.
  • Meditating in the outdoor area, or taking out your students on a field trip with proper social distancing rules in full view.


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Fun activities for video conferencing API


  • Making quizzes to upload in the LMS. It could be done weekly so that there is a fresh list of quizzes every Monday.
  • Assigning independent or group worksheets which involve creative writing or creative research.
  • Text therapy or call therapy for students that need constant well-being checkups.



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