Math can be intimidating. Sure, it’s important for life and all, but it doesn’t always seem like the most fun thing to do. When you’re struggling with math, you may feel like you’re the only one who feels this way. But these feelings are completely normal! Luckily for you, there are ways to make math more enjoyable and less overwhelming.

You might be wondering how Bodmas can help with math. Well, Bodmas are adorable creatures that each represent a different mathematical operation. The more you interact with them, the more your brain will learn! Maintaining good mental health is important for one’s quality of life.

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Mental health includes emotions, thoughts, and behaviors—all of which affect how we feel about ourselves and others. Here are some ways to improve your mental health by using math to solve problems.


Bodmas is a game that has been designed specifically to teach math in an engaging way that is easy for kids (and adults) to understand. It’s also really fun! Read more to know all about the bodmas rule.


Definition Of BODMAS

To recall the sequence of operations when solving mathematical equations, the BODMAS rule is employed. Brackets (B), Order (O), Division (D), and Multiplication (M) make up the acronym. And S stands for Subtraction. This indicates that expressions with several operators must be simplified from left to right in this order alone, and not in any other order. We begin by solving brackets, then powers or roots, then division or multiplication (whatever comes first from the left side of the statement), and finally subtraction or addition.

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Calculations involving complicated mathematical expressions were made considerably easier by using BODMAS, which evaluated them in a standard method. Arithmetic expressions can be solved by first solving the components included in brackets, and then simplifying exponential expressions before moving on to dividing or multiplying functions. The final step is adding or subtracting.


Multiplication and division are considered level 1 operations since they must be solved first. It is possible to simplify the terms in the brackets directly. That’s because division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction are the only operations that may be performed within the brackets. As long as you follow the BODMAS rule, you’ll always get the right answer. Each kind of bracket can be solved concurrently in an equation that has several brackets. Examples: 14 + 19 + 13 + 2 = 33 /11 equals three.

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BODMAS Arithmetic

In arithmetic, BODMAS (the order of operations) is the order in which operations are performed in an equation. Logic and some common principles make math computations easier. It’s one of the basic principles for simplifying expressions with numerous operators.


An arithmetic equations have two parts:

  1. Numbers- They are used to count and depict amounts as well as to do computations. According to mathematics, there are several types of numerical data: real and complex numerical data; imaginary and complex numerical data; natural number; whole number; integers; rational; irrational; real; complex; imaginary.
  2. Operations- Using an operator is a way to combine two numbers to create a formula or expression. Multiplication () and Division () in math are the most prevalent operators. Answering mathematical statements or equations with only one operator is quite straightforward. Multiple operators make finding a solution more difficult, if not outright impossible.
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Convenient Ways To Remember BODMAS Rule

When there are several operations in a mathematical equation, BODMAS must be utilised. When utilising the BODMAS technique, certain requirements must be observed. Each mathematical statement has a unique solution because of its structure.


  • First you should simplify the brackets
  • Second you should find the solution for all exponential expressions
  • Third you should first perform division and then multiplication
  • Fourth you should perform addition and then subtraction



The above article talks about the BODMAS rule and its usage in daily life by math experts as well as students. You should first learn the BODMAS rule to learn math and master it from the basics with the aid of Cuemath website.

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