October is the month when students nationally raise awareness about bullying prevention. Not a lot of countries participate, but it is an essential message that every student must receive. Whether you are a teacher, parent, student, educational coach, or simply a community member, you can always take action to ensure that individuals are protected against bullying on and outside the campus.


What gives rise to bullies?


The majority of the bullies are attention-hungry, looking for trouble, and want to grab every individual’s attention for the sake of getting popular. It is evident insecurity, or a willingness to make themselves feel important since they like self-respect. Picking on the weaker sections and students makes them feel powerful.

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There are two types of bullies in general, the ones who are aware of their actions, and the ones who don’t realize how they are harming others.

Unaware bullies simply pick on others for the sake of having fun. It is not that they lack power, or are insecure, they simply do not realize the extent to which their actions might draw circumstances. Meanwhile, the bullies were aware of their doings, simply want a big reaction to feeling powerful.




Because of the advancements in LMS portals, and digital learning systems, students are being subjected to cyberbullying too.

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In simple words, cyberbullying occurs through virtual platforms, it can be in LMS portals, school management systems, social media websites, or communication applications. Using these platforms bullies try to emotionally and mentally influence students.


How to deal with bullying


You can deal with bullying before it has happened to you and you are sensing something big is to take place, or when something has already taken place and it is your immediate reaction that you will need.

Prevention methods


  • Look brave: Did you know that if you act like you are a brave person, you can entice some braveness in you and stand tall? If you have the look on your face which means that you are not a person to be messed around with, most bullies will stay away from you.
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  • Don’t be vulnerable: you can be bullied only when you have self-doubts. There will always be some classmates who will try to talk some negative things to you, try to degrade and demotivate you. If you believe in yourself, and understand that you can not only spell out the LMS full form but also utilize all its features to block a bully in the school management system, you can safeguard yourself from most actions of bullies.


  • Have a friend accompany you: One is always better than two. Having a friend by your side will safeguard you to some extent because there is a probability that you will hit the bully back.
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When a bully says something to you


  • Ignore them: As mentioned earlier, the reason why bullies are after you is that they want to get a huge reaction out of you. You reacting to their snide comments will give them exactly what they’re looking for. Instead, try to ignore them and pretend like they don’t exist at all.


  • Don’t bully them back: Ignoring them is not enough, if you feel like things are getting out of hand and physical, try to stand up for yourself. But this does not mean that you would give them the same behavior as you are being treated with. Fighting back does not mean that you would adopt violent methods. The best thing is to stay with others, in groups, or around an adult to safeguard yourself from the bully.
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  • Don’t give them a reaction or show feelings: The best thing you can do is not give them any reaction at all. Distract yourself from the present, whatever activity it is that you are doing. Taking down some notes? Having lunch? Concentrate on your work and don’t fall for the trap.


  • Get help from an adult or authority: If you are being severely bullied, in any circumstance, you need to inform an adult. Adults are way better at dealing with such problems because they have been through life, and used all the prevention and fighting back methods to keep themselves safe. Often, you might be threatened to keep your mouth shut. But once you speak up, the bully loses all control over you.
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