What Is A Yoga Studio?

A yoga studio is a physical location where yoga practice takes place, taught by an instructor hired by the studio and paid, usually by the hour. It can be small and simple or large and accommodating.

Why Should You Attend A Yoga Studio?

The Human Connection

A yoga studio provides a deeply rewarding and supportive emotional connection between the instructors and the students who come to learn yoga at the studio. This human connection is able to effect a range of positive psychological benefits for both instructor and instructed. See this leading established yoga studio.

A Supportive Community

A yoga studio features most prominently, a gathering of yoga practitioners, some of whom teach while others learn. Either way, the environment is one that is able to foster closeness and friendship bonds such that a community is formed among the members of a particular yoga studio.

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Yoga is an art. It is a delicate practice form and often, a lot of careless mistakes are made by beginners in it, such as improper poses, the correct state of mind and such others that make the goal of the yogi all but impossible to achieve in solo practice.

Expression Of Unique Styles

Individual teachers may have been able to develop new, more efficient methods of practising yoga, choosing to pass it on through whichever yoga studio they are involved with. Some of these styles may then become the studios’ heritage to be taught only to its members. These newer methods are a reason to attend a yoga studio.

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A Substitute Home

A yoga studio provides a home away from home for many people. Yoga practice is a means of seeking some kind of inner peace and a studio aids this by creating an enabling environment that resembles a home for its practitioners, some of whom may be dealing with trauma of one kind or another.

A Safe Space

Closely related to providing a home away from home, a yoga studio establishes a space that is a safe haven where yogi can come to rest with peace of mind, freeing them up to focus on the practice of yoga.

A Place of Accountability (Consistency)

Consistency is key in the practice of yoga. A studio and its attendant instructors with fellow practitioners form a community that is able to hold you accountable for your practice, thus encouraging consistency rather than a sporadic practice that’d achieve nothing effectually.

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Source Of Income For Instructors

In times of harsh economic turmoil, it can only be a good thing that instructors well versed in yoga can convert their passion into an income teaching others seeking to tap into the many benefits of yoga practice.

It Helps To Set Safe Limits.

Yoga practice involves a lot of strength and flexibility. Improperly done, it can result in substantial damage to the yogi’s physiology and cause bodily harm, especially if taken too far by people seeking to achieve long term results all at once. The environment of a yoga studio is instrumental to preventing this.

It Retains All Of Yoga’s Benefits And More Due To Instruction

This is perhaps the greatest benefit of a yoga studio since it still revolves around the practice of yoga but enhanced by a support community and the benefits it brings.


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