When you think about deserts, the first name is a desert safari that is top on the list of your mind because the desert safari is the most famous desert in the world. The city of Abu Dhabi is located on the island of the Persian Gulf in the UAE. The second most beautiful city of the United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi and also the capital. According to Wikipedia, in 2020 the population of the Arabian area is 1.48 million. Also, the home of the government of the United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi. You know, the supreme petroleum council also in Abu Dhabi.

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In the surrounding area, there are many historical places like mosques, museum and other. Many people come here for shopping from other international countries. Due to business hubs, many businessmen lived in this beautiful city.

Are you want to visit desert safari? Of course, everyone wants to go to any place that makes you fully relaxed and that place is the desert safari. You can book your tour with family or friends easily with the help of the desert website. All services are mentioned on the homepage of the site and you can easily pick up. Your vacations are memorable if you come to this wonderful place.

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What do you know about Desert safari Abu Dhabi?

The visitor of national and international countries spend a lot of money during the visit Abu Dhabi tour. Deserts safari is the most beautiful and charming place for you. If you come to Abu Dhabi, don’t miss the wonderful place desert safari. A huge area of desert is spread across the country and provides a charming view with different activities for you.

You can feel the desert adventure with camel riding, dune bashing, quad biking, Hubbly bubbly, overnight desert safari Abu Dhabi, Henna painting, the fire show, BBQ dinner with Arabian Qehwa and much more activities. The desert website is helpful for those who come from international countries. The different companies provide the tour booking service for you and you can easily book your trip for the desert safari Abu Dhabi. With affordable rates, your whole trip is luxurious.

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From the site, you can easily take the vehicle or many desert safari companies provides the transport service for you. With a proper guideline of the expert team, your trip is memorable although you come for the first time. With family and friends, the desert safari is the most joyful place. The given deals are helpful during the planning of desert safari

Ø Desert safari Dubai deal

Ø Desert safari Abu Dhabi Deals

Ø Morning Desert Safari

Ø ATV Quad Bike tour

Ø Abu Dhabi city tour

Ø Grand Mosque & Louvre museum tour service

Ø Dhow Cruise Dinner

Ø Dubai city tour from Abu Dhabi

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Ø Alain tour deal

No, fix a time to visit the desert safari but if you have no time in the morning time, you visit the evening or overnight. Many people come in the evening because there is a lot of fun activities held in the evening. The fire show, BBQ dinner, Tanura dance and the belly dance held in the evening.

Enjoy the Morning desert safari

Many people who can’t come in the evening, visit the desert safari in the morning. The fresh air blowing at every side in the morning and you can take fresh air easily. You know at day time, you cannot enjoy the desert safari trip because the climate of the desert is too hot. So the morning time is best for visiting.

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The camel riding, dune bashing, and the other activities also held in the morning time. The person who has a job in the evening also visits the morning desert safari. With the camp hotel, you can also enjoy breakfast at this beautiful place.

Enjoy the adorable Evening Desert Safari

Hoe evening desert safari is memorable and wonderful? Because there is a lot of activities in the evening due to many people come in the evening time. The beautiful view of the desert is double when you see the sunset view. The tourist captures the beautiful moment of sunset with the camel riding on red sand.

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In the evening you can enjoy the camel riding, dune bashing, Henna painting or tattoos, Hubbly Bubbly Shesha, photography, Belly dance show, fire show, and the Tanura dance show. The Abu Dhabi dinner safari includes the BBQ dinner with Arabian Qehwa. When I visited, I like most the BBQ dinner and the Tanura dance. The Tanura dance provides a spiritual view of the desert.

The most beautiful view at Overnight desert safari

After the morning and evening desert safari, if you want to stay in the desert, there are camp hotels. You can also lay down under the sky and see the charming view of stars on the sky at night. You are eligible to enjoy the beautiful overnight view of the desert. Have you ever enjoy the overnight desert safari? If no, then we must go and enjoy the desert safari trip.


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