When I was in middle school, all I wished to do was shave like my father, even if I hadn’t grown a single strand of hair on my face back then. When I grew up to be a teenager, and my shaving age came, I tried to shave with my father’s shaver, and not to anyone’s surprise; the experience was a disaster. 

To save you from misery, I have come up with this blog to help you choose the right shaver for your initial days of shaving. I know it is hard to choose the right shaver from the pool of options in the market. This write-up will give you the necessary insights on how to choose the best razor for first-time shavers

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And if you are thinking of the best electric shaver for your need, you can go through the best electric shavers for first-time shavers

How to Choose Best Razor for First Time Shaver:

1. Brand: 

There are many companies out there in the market that makes various kinds of electric razor. To be honest, it is tough to choose from those brands, even for a person who shaves regularly. If you are shaving or trimming for the first time, it would be more confusing for you to choose from the wide range of options. 

There are big brands in the field of electric shavers like Braun, Panasonic, Philips, and Remington. Now it comes down to your personal choice. Most of the products from these brands are somewhat the same when it comes to performance, safety, and durability. Also, it would be safe for a first-time shaver to use a shaver from three popular brands. 

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Just a tip: Philips is the market leader in foil shavers, and Braun manufactures the best rotary shavers. 

2. Shaver Choice:  

 Electric shavers are generally divided into two categories, foil shavers, and rotary shavers.  Before buying an electric shaver, you should learn about the differences between foil and rotary shavers. 

Foil shavers are made of a thin and curved metal foil sheet wrapped around the shaving blades. Your skin doesn’t come in direct contact with the cutting blades while shaving with a foil shaver. When you move the cutting head back and forth on the surface of your facial skin, the foil protects your skin from nicks and cuts, and the blades cut the facial hair. 

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Foil shavers offer clean and shorter shave like a manual razor. If you are thinking of getting a close shave, you should definitely choose a foil shaver. Also, it is perfect for people with sensitive skin types. Not only it saves your skin from razor burns, but it also keeps a safe distance from your pimples and rashes. 

Rotary shavers are another popular type of electric shavers. These shavers come with multiple shaving heads which move easily on the contour of your face. The blades go in a circular motion over your face as they cut the hair. These devices are suitable for people who don’t want to cut their beards short.

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Moreover, these are suitable for people with more coarse skin and dense beards. 

3. Budget: 

One of the most important things to consider when you are choosing an electric razor for your first-time shaving experience. There is a misconception about electric shavers that these are costly. However, the statement is not entirely true. Since electric razors are popularized, the price ranges have gone down drastically. 

Generally, the price of an electric razor varies from $50-$200 or more. However, electric shavers are like an investment. The price points vary according to the features and safety protocols they offer.

It is the right investment to spend a good amount of money while buying an electric razor. Especially if you are going to shave for the first time, it would be wise for you to invest in a good electric shaver. 

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Always remember that you have to bear the expenses of spare products. So, keep your overall budget in mind before buying the electric shaver for you. 

4. Wet Shave/Dry Shave: 

If you are trimming for the first time, one thing to consider before going to shave is what kind of shaving do you prefer- wet or dry. Let me make it clear to you, first-time shavers should go for wet shaving at first because it is safer than a dry shave. 

There is a misconception about wet shaving that electric shavers cannot perform wet shave. Well, this statement is totally wrong. Nowadays, there are many shaver variants that offer dry shaving as well as wet shaving. 

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You can use shaving gel, cream, or foam to make a lather on your face. It will help you prevent cuts and nicks and also save or skin from getting dehydrated. 

On the other hand, dry shaving is easy and takes little time to perform the trimming. It is a good option if you are in a hurry. Though many of the electric razors offer both wet and dry shaves, I would recommend you not to submerge the razor in water. It can damage the machine. 

For your information, both Panasonic and Philips offer great wet and dry shaving razors in a moderate price range. 

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5. Cleaning: 

Cleaning and maintenance is the most vital thing to keep your electric razor in good condition. But let’s face the fact that no one likes to lean their shaver after shaving or trimming their beard. 

Ideally, you should clean your shaver after every usage to keep the blades running smoothly. You can do it regularly after every shave, and it won’t be a headache. But some people don’t do that or don’t like the hustle of cleaning when in a hurry. 

Many brands offer self-cleaning features with their electric razors. It means that these electric shavers come with an auto-cleaning feature that saves you from the hectic and mundane job of cleaning. 

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You just have to keep the shaver on the base unit after shaving, and it will clean and sterilize the blades automatically. All you need to do is refuel the machine with cleaning fluid when needed and replace the cleaning cartridge once every month. 

6. Blades: 

Blades are an essential part of your electric shavers. Many regular electric shaver users complain that the blade gets dull after a few shaves. Dull blades can never give you the desired shaving experience. Moreover, it can cause serious skin problems, such as cuts, nicks, rashes, skin redness, and the fatal one: ingrown hair. 

If you are a newbie, your experience should be that bad. All you have to do is choose a self-sharpening electric razor. You will find many variants with this feature. The blades sharpen themselves while shaving, providing you with the safest shaving experience. 

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7. Battery-Operated/Wired: 

Imagine you are shaving your beard, and suddenly the electric shaver stopped working. Nobody wants that, right? That’s why looking for an electric razor with good battery backup is important. 

There are two types of power connections in an electric shaver – some of them are corded variants, and some of them are powered by rechargeable batteries. I suggest you buy one with both features. So, if your battery is not charged at the moment, you can connect it to a power cord and shave. 

Things to Remember When Shaving for the First Time:

Here are some tricks to help you guide through your first shaving experience: 

  • If you are dry shaving, make sure your facial hair is not too long. If it is, bring a scissor and cut it evenly a bit and then use your electric shaver. Always choose wet shaving when you have long facial hair. Otherwise, it can cause rashes, ingrown hairs, or skin bumps. 
  • It is important to keep the shaver at the right angle possible. Most of the electric shavers manual says that you should hold it in a vertical position on your skin and always start cutting against your hair growth. If you are using a rotary shaver, you should move your shaver in a circular motion over your skin.
  • If you are wet shaving, always exfoliate your face before applying any gel or foam on your skin. And moisturize your skin after washing off the cream; it will prevent dehydration. 
  • If your shaver is a manual cleaning one, spend some time cleaning it after every shave. Wash off the hair and put it under running water. 
  • Shaver’s generate heat after a few minutes of use. If you have sensitive skin, use your shaver on the sensitive part first to avoid any damage to your skin. 
  • When you are using gel or foam, the shaver needs more power s it faces resistance from the shaving cream. So if you are wet shaving, make sure your electric shaver has enough charge to perform the shaving process smoothly. 
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I can understand your excitement about cleaning. It is always special to shave for the first time, especially when you are in your teens. I have sited down the criteria you should look for when you go to buy your first electric razor. The tricks and tips written above will help you get through the process smoothly. Happy shaving.


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