Every person, company, and brand, whether big or small, is on Instagram notice. Instagram is crucial for raising the brand awareness of the company. If you are not on Instagram yet, you will lose out on some amazing growth opportunities. However, going Instagram is not easy. Setting yourself aside from 1 billion people who were actively using Instagram is pretty hard. Thus, establishing your brand identity takes a lot of time and patience. However, as part of a brand, you do not have time to slowly grow your profile. You have to deliver quick results for the company. Thus, it is a wise idea to purchase followers.

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Purchasing followers solves the problem of how to get more IG followers. However, you must be very cautious when purchasing followers and purchase orders only from sites that are completely legitimate. When purchasing followers, you can check out sites like Famoid, where only active and real Instagram followers are provided. When you go to Famoid, you will be asked to give your Instagram username. They will not ask for your password. Therefore, your account is secure. Famoid will also provide you, followers, gradually. If you purchase 10,000 followers, you will not get 10,000 followers at once. The followers will be released slowly into your account so that Instagram does not suspect you of any malicious activity.

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The reason you should not purchase followers from illegitimate sites is that you will not get real active followers. What you will receive will be bots. Instagram has algorithms in place to detect the presence of bots as followers. Once Instagram detects the bots, Instagram will remove them from your profile. Thus your follower count is reduced. Instagram also reserves the right to suspend your account if they suspect any malicious activity. Therefore, you should only purchase followers from recommended follower service sites.


Besides purchasing followers, there are other ways to grow on Instagram as well. Once you purchase followers, you can easily get a 5000 to 10,000 follower count. However, your followers must engage with the post as well. If Instagram notices that you have a high follower, but the followers are not engaging with your post, Instagram will stop boosting your post to a wider audience. Thus, the next thing that you must focus on is making good quality posts. Your post should be attractive, eye-catching, and provide information that the audience is looking for.

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Besides the content, you must also focus on aesthetics. Instagram is a visual platform. If you do not pay attention to the aesthetics, you will lose the race. Therefore, make sure that you have a theme for your profile. All your posts and videos should follow the theme pattern. You must upload content in a consistent manner. If you upload once a week, your audience will not remember. It would be a right-sided upload every day at a specific time when your followers are most active. These details you can find in the insight section of Instagram or in the meta-business suite on Facebook. Make use of these details to perfectly time your post so that you can get the maximum interaction.

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Growing the website of your company online is not easy. You must focus on using SEO and social media to grow your business. If you do not do SEO, your site will not be recognized by Google, and it will not show up in the search results. Therefore, SEO and social media sites are equally important for boosting your brand identity and taking your website one step further than your competitors.



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