First Nations which refers to the indigenous people of Canada have privileges when it comes to getting the green card of US.

There are approximately 634 kinds/tribes of these people living in Canada right now each with their own tribal government. Most of these have ancestors who areAmerican Indians or Canadian First Nation tribes. So, these people can actually prove that their ancestral roots allow them to get PR in the US. Now, two types of these First Nations people exist:

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  • Not in the US: Those who have been born in Canada but have an American Indian/First Nation origin because their ancestors are from America.
  • In the US: Those who are already living in the US but have American Indian/First Nation origin and were born in Canada.
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So, the US government recognizes the right of such people to get the green card.

The candidate needs to get the permanent residence by proving he is a part of the First Nations tribe of Canada or an American Indian tribe. So, to prove such associations first you need to schedule a meeting with the USCIS which is located closest to your house. Then you can go there with your Canadian birth certificate and your membership document of your ancestor of the First Nations Band. The candidate can get such membership document of the ancestor of his Band’s, tribal government. The INAC can also provide you with such Letter Of Ancestry proving that he/she was a member of the Canada First Nations Tribe or American  Indians.

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When you have got the PR of the US, you are also eligible to bring your nearest family members to this country after filing I-130 for them.

So, after presenting this, membership document, you can get your record created with USCIS.

Getting your record created and getting a green card is absolutely free of cost.

However, getting this green card for aboriginal Canadians is not mandatory once you just desire to get employment and live in the country of US forever as per the Jay Treaty. But, this green card is vital for some rights which are as follows:

  • With this card, your PR in this country is in pot jeopardized once you are outside the country for more than 6 months with a green card. So, travel without a US green card is restricted.
  • With a green card, you can obtain the green card for your closest relatives also. 
  • Within 5 years, of getting the green card, citizenship of this country becomes available.
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