The video game and e-sports industries have been steadily growing industries for the last three decades. Even when computer games were considered a form of entertainment only suitable for tech geeks, Asian countries, especially Korea, have been building the groundwork for competitive gaming. Even though the West has always lagged behind in treating the industry with respect, today is slowly emerging as the main source of entertainment. Younger generations prefer playing video games over watching movies and even spending quality time in the real world.

With the exponential growth of gaming, we have many genres, and their unique aspects and requirements that let the players experience enjoyment and accomplishment. However, we reach the highest level of user engagement and in some cases, addiction to online video games. Multiplayer gaming multiplies the pleasures of the experience by adding the ability to socialize with friends and strangers. Still, even online games have different aspects to them. To simplify, we will segment game types into abstract categories to discuss their appeal and perfect conditions for a good gaming experience.

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In this article, we will focus on altering conditions for optimal gaming. With new game releases and ever-growing player bases, new threats and challenges emerge for gamers to overcome. We will primarily focus on proxy servers – versatile internet security tools that have many beneficial applications to improve gaming. Proxies are middlemen servers that take the data packets you send and receive from the web and assign them a different IP address. Because your IP carries parts of personal information and identifies your network, masking it with a proxy server is an extremely useful security practice. If your focus is anonymity, we will discuss legitimate proxy lists generated by a proxy generator, so you can have multiple unique IPs for your browsing experience. Check out Smartproxy – a lawful proxy provider with a detailed blog article about the usage of a company’s proxy generator. For now, let’s take a look at proxy applicability for gaming.

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Proxies can improve your internet speed

After going through the basic functionality of a proxy server, this statement might seem illogical – how can a proxy improve internet speed if it has more steps to travel? If our only goal is IP masking, finding a proxy server in close proximity to your geolocation will ensure that the loss of speed due to a distance is eliminated. If the server is used for traffic compression, you can experience a decrease in latency while gaming.

Change your location at will

Popular online games have multiple servers with locations all around the world. When the game receives an update, some players receive their updates faster. Maybe it’s the differences in time zones or even plain favoritism. All that matters is that proxy servers can help us change the location at will. Because your IP address has your approximate location tied to it, connecting to game servers via a proxy will relocate you to a different area in the world. You can use a proxy generator to get many IPs to choose from to get the best location for your gaming experience. Just keep in mind – that the further you go from your physical location, the higher ping you will experience. If it reaches a limit (effects may differ depending on the game you are playing), gaming on such high latency might become unbearable. Not all games will benefit from geolocation changes, but it is a neat way to utilize a proxy server and discover some benefits.

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Maneuver around IP bans

Video games have their unique rules and systems of punishment. The penalties we observe stir the melting pot of competitive gaming, where respect and sportsmanship go into the bin. The most addictive games carry with them the most toxic environments. If it’s a team game, an intense competitive experience can be destroyed if a disgruntled participant decides to ruin the match for everyone else.

To maintain some level of order, companies behind competitive games impose strict rules to regulate the behavior of players. When the rules are broken some see temporary restrictions and permanent bans on registered accounts while other companies take it a step further and permanently ban both the account and the IP address of the offender. With proxy servers, you can change your IP and get a second chance at playing the game you enjoy. Just make sure to choose a server close to your location to minimize latency increase. Of course, the necessity for speed depends on the game you are playing. If you love turn-based card games, the region of your proxy server won’t have that much of an effect on your performance.

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Proxy servers are great privacy tools that even find their applicability in gaming. With a good proxy provider, you can get fast proxy IPs that offer the smallest performance setback or choose cheaper deals for games that do not require low ping. The best thing is that you can use the same proxies to protect yourself while browsing the web; there’s no need to use them exclusively for gaming.


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