Video on social media has been witnessing sharp growth for quite some time now. And going by the trends, the prospects of video are most likely to remain bright across major platforms in the coming days. Video accounts for over 82% of virtual traffic in 2022. As a persuasive and powerful medium, it continues to be a major focus area of several social media platforms

The clear message here is that video is the key to growing online. If you are yet to be a part of the video content bandwagon, it’s high time to do so. Here are ten compelling reasons to use video for fuelling your growth on social media:

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Video Attracts Attention and Engagement

Have you ever wondered what makes video such a popular content format on social media? It’s because videos have the power to grab attention and engage the viewer for longer. They compel people to stop their scrolling and check the content.

Due to this, they also perform well on most algorithms. This explains why you are likely to come across video content within the first few seconds of logging in to any social media platform. Creating videos is cost effective. You can make use of any free video maker tool that is easily available online.They have great features & ready to use templates. You can create professional level videos without wasting much time.

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It Allows to Convey More in Less Time

There’s no denying that the basic reason to share something on social media is to convey a message. Videos enable you to convey more within less time and enhance your reach. No wonder they are a strong alternative to images or blog posts. 

Given that videos are an extremely versatile medium, you can use your video editor to create a wide variety of exciting posts. From viral challenges to quick tutorials and from product demos to behind-the-scenes stories, the scope of leveraging videos to convey your message is huge.

Social Media Videos Hold Appeal for Gen Z Users

No one can deny that Gen Z has an overwhelming presence when it comes to social media. What’s more, this generation loves to watch videos. So much so that in a survey, 50% of Gen Z and millennial users said that they are not sure how to go on with life minus videos.

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They increasingly depend on videos for everything, from gaining new skills to making fashion choices. Using videos will enable you to tap this wide online audience base easily.

Videos Are Ideal for Repurposing 

To hook your viewers on social media, you must produce quality content. Producing quality videos means you will have to edit videos and lend them an appealing touch. While you need to invest some time and effort for this purpose, you can gain much in the end.

You can repurpose your videos across multiple platforms. For instance, your Instagram Story can serve as a Video Pin on Pinterest. You can share the feed videos on your Instagram to Facebook. With videos, repurposing opportunities are many and varied.

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It’s Easy to Build Emotional Connection Through Videos

Social media is under the onslaught of too much content these days. If you don’t come up with engaging content, it might get overlooked in this onslaught. This is where videos can come across as the perfect solution.

With videos, you can present your content in a relatable way. For instance, if you create a behind-the-scenes video, you do a lot more than offer a glimpse into how your business runs. You help to humanize your brand through your video content. In other words, you create an emotional connection between your brand and your viewers.

Video Influences ROI and Sales

The bottom line of the online marketing strategy is to attract traffic, generate leads, increase ROI, and drive conversions or sales.

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As an integral part of your brand journey on social media, video can influence these aspects. Interestingly, about 87% of video marketers said that video results in positive ROI in a survey. Further, 86% of marketers shared that video plays an effective role in lead generation. Around 81% of video marketers are of the opinion that videos have a positive impact on conversions.

Trends catch on fast on social media. They also draw maximum attention from the viewers.

Videos enable you to take advantage of trending topics and use them to your advantage. You can take any relevant viral topic and create a video around it. Try to add your creativity to the content to stay true to the trend and yet offer something extra to the viewers. 

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Creating Videos Is  Cost-Effective

For all the benefits that videos offer, they are surprisingly cost-effective. Whether you are a professional video content creator or not, you can come up with impressive videos without investing a huge budget.

All you must ensure you have is good content and a video making tool. Using the video maker followed by applying your skills to edit videos, you can create a distinct marketing campaign on social media.

It Is a Measurable Marketing Tool

It is not enough to have a marketing strategy for social media. You need to analyze the results. This will help you to know how successful your campaign has been.

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Videos are an easily measurable content medium. Once you access the statistics related to your video campaign on social media, you can steer your marketing policy in the right direction and achieve the desired results.

It Boosts Message Retention

You can express your message in a nice story form through videos. The dramatic presentation of a message in a story format on social media results in two consequences. First, your viewers will be attracted to watch the content. Second, they will retain the message you want to put across.

Surprisingly, videos can help viewers retain the message shared through them.

The Bottom Line

Social media has inevitably become an integral part of everyone’s life. If you want to highlight your brand on social media platforms, videos are your best bet. And the right time to start is now. So, go ahead and get started with videos right away!


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