You would think that no one would want to invest in a European Residence by Investment (RBI) program that doesn’t even give its members access to the Schengen area. But you are wrong. The demand for the Irish Immigrant Investor Program (IIP) or you can say Irish golden visa is high, but for good reason.

Are you a valuable person or, by extension, a big businessman? Ireland is dying to invest in one of the safest and most economically stable countries in the world.

With a small investment of 1 million euros in 3-4 months you can become an Irish citizen without moving your family (if you don’t want to).

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Investments must be made only after the residence permit application has been pre-approved (reducing risk) and you can apply for Irish citizenship (including European citizenship) in 5 years.

All these factors combined with the benefits of the Irish Golden Visa have made Ireland one of Europe’s most popular investment destinations in a short period of time.

But is the Irish financial visa, correct? Let’s go over all the details of applying for a visa to come to Ireland, more specifically an IIP, and how to get a residence permit in Ireland first.

What is an investment in IIP?

The Irish Immigration Program is for high-net-worth individuals (often entrepreneurs and foreign investors) who are offered the opportunity to reside in the country for investment purposes. sentence. The Irish Investor Visa is one of the most famous golden visas in Europe.

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All countries implementing this program require foreign investment to build or upgrade infrastructure, create new companies or jobs, or simply finance economic development. This is a short answer, but there are many nuances associated with each program offered.

Whatever the reason, the minimum investment amount will depend on the country and conditions, such as how quickly applications are processed and how often the Irish residence permit is renewed.

This article walks you through the details of the Investor Visa Ireland program, from the application process to obtaining European citizenship.

Why do I need to get an Irish visa for immigrants?

Do you think Ireland is the land of Lion Air and Guinness? But there is more to the world than alcohol and cheap flights. In the past, it was the fastest growing European economy and the sixth most efficient country in the world.

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Unlike other countries that use Golden Visa, investment immigration visa in Ireland is not managed by 2-3 companies. Financial services, alcoholic beverages, aviation employment, engineering, information technology, medicine and medical technology are the main industries in Ireland.

Ireland has some of the best schools and universities, making Ireland one of the youngest and most educated workers in Europe.

Do I need to say that a high standard of living and its citizens are happier than Americans, Germans and French? A beautiful world and the kindest people in the world would also be a nice bonus.

But it’s not just living standards that draw international organizations like Google, Facebook, Pfizer and Apple to the Irish coast, but Europe’s business and technology hubs.

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Ireland’s business tax rate ranges from 12.5% ​​to 15% depending on where the company is located for 750 million euros. The tax rate was also lowered to 6.25% for IT companies and 0% for foreign stocks.

Some European countries will envy how Ireland was able to attract so much foreign investment even in difficult economic conditions. A true success story. No wonder then Irish Investment Plan is now one of the most popular in Europe.

Ideal for large investors who use Ireland and decide to incorporate their residence (and citizenship) into their nomadic capitalist maritime strategy.

Final Words …

IIP or golden visa Ireland Operating costs are reasonable compared to other similar systems. Also, if you are a smart investor, you can benefit from investing in Ireland. So get it today!


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