U.S. President Donald Trump is currently working to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a foreign terrorist organization. A move that could bring sanctions against the Arab world’s earliest and most influential Islamist movements. The Brotherhood founded in Egypt and contained a network of teams across the Middle East and survived many crackdowns. The enemies, including nations that are autocratic of the Brotherhood, state it’s a terrorist group that needs to stop. The Brotherhood won the nation’s first free presidential elections. It has been outlawed after and had been toppled by the army after protests. Many of its leaders, such as former President Mohamed Mursi and also Supreme Guide or a pioneer Mohamed Badie, have been sentenced to death after trials of tens of thousands of Brothers.

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Background Of Muslim Brotherhood

The Brotherhood founded in Egypt and contained a network of teams across the Middle East and has survived many crackdowns.

The Brotherhood of Banna contended that nationalism wasn’t the best way to battle colonial control, also refused the secularisation sweeping throughout the Middle East.

His organization was constructed together with education for members and inductions. Its growth across the Middle East implies that it is identified from armed groups to charities, with many different organizations.

Reason For Trump Action

A few nations have announced the Brotherhood terrorists. Brotherhood membership was made a capital offense in 1980 and Russia banned the Brotherhood. Lately, the group was banned by Egypt after the overthrow of Mursi. Shortly the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia declared it a terrorist organization. A U.S. official said that Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi requested Trump to designate the group once he visited the White House three weeks ago. It would bring Trump close to the allies that he sees as fundamental to countering Iran into the measure.

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