“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

You have to make a choice for the study visa based on the following considerations.

Education abroad can introduce so many things in your life. Apart from making you soar new skies with jobs in multinational countries and globetrotting careers with salaries spinning millions.

That’s why the students should show some prudence while planning education abroad because so much depends on it. 

The Indian job market is getting attracted towards those candidates who have degrees from abroad. Choosing the degree to be pursued from abroad is not so easy given so many universities are there which have a plethora of courses.

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Post education visa in Canada: Going by the benefits offered by a country for studying abroad, Canada tops the list. After your education is over, Canada provides an extra stay which is equal to the duration of your Canadian study course. This extra stay becomes possible through the Canadian post-graduation work permit.

Canada also has a large majority of its students as Indians. The 14% of international students currently pursuing an education in Canada consist of Indians.

Immigration-related benefits also accrue to those who decide to get an education from the universities in this country. According to the Canadian government, the candidates who have pursued education from Canada, after 12th standard are more adaptable for immigration and hence 30 points are given to them.

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Also, candidates who get an education from this country have better chances to get a job because employers also give preference to Canada education.

Many states allow such international study candidates to apply for Provincial Nominee Programs. So, it’s quite a favorable decision if you decide to do your education in Canada.

Germany has free public education: Talking about the costs of education, Germany is the best destination for any student. Germany has really negligible costs for those students who want to do a Master’s degree course from this country. In fact, no tuition fees are imposed by public universities in Germany.  And this cost is for courses which are imparted in the English language. This free education is provided in German public universities which provide with education quality of incredible standards.

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The more extraordinary part about such universities apart from free education, is that there are 427 of them and the courses offered are 18,000.

This country also provides a lot of opportunities for research for students while they are doing their graduation. Such opportunities exist because of the tie-ups of this country with international research organizations.

The USA has the no.1 education quality in the world: The USA has been known for its educational pedigree about which nothing needs to be elaborated. This country has higher educational costs, as compared to Canada. In the US, the average educational costs in universities per year are $45,278 whereas, in Canada, the costs are, US$20,540 which is comparatively half of what US universities charge every year. However, the US universities like the Harvard University is considered as the paramount university in the world with alumni like Bill Gates.

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Students are also provided with post educational work opportunities in the US just like Canada, which is known as Optional Practical Training. Under OPT also, students are provided with the privilege of 40 hours per week of work for one year after ending their course.

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