Valletta, the capital of Malta, is the EU’s tiniest city but is rich in history, culture, and architectural splendor. A visit to Valletta is a must if you want to see things that will put other capitals to shame. To prove my point, I’ll give you 13 reasons.

Visit the Local Pub and Have a Drink

A small drinking establishment, trendy among Brits, is easily accessible from Valletta’s main street. But this tavern isn’t just any pub; it’s called The Pub for a reason. This English pub is well-known because BAFTA-winning actor Oliver Reed had his final drink before passing away. While filming Gladiator in Malta, Reed died tragically in this tavern. The museum’s mementos, newspaper clippings, and stories of Reed’s final hours draw in new visitors daily.

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Take a Trip Down Memory Lane Among the Historic Structures

In Valletta, the city is known as a treasure for its architecture, and the structures that line the streets of Malta all have fascinating stories to tell. To top it all off, the St. John’s Co-Cathedral, a marvel of medieval architecture, is here as well as a slew of other magnificent structures including elaborate structures, lavish mansions, ornately planted gardens, and grand theatres.

Find Out What Time It Is in the Middle of the Day

Valletta’s saluting artillery guards the entrance to the Grand Harbour and faces fortified cities on either side. Having served as a naval defence for the nation’s capital for more than 500 years, this saluting battery may very well be the oldest currently in use. Besides public holidays, the saluting battery operates every day at 11:45 am, followed by a quick-firing at 12:15 am.

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Visit the Temples of Malta

The air Qim temples are magnificent works of prehistoric masonry that are astonishingly well maintained for their age (between 3600 and 3200 BC). Old texts and paintings from before 1839 demonstrate that people were aware of the site’s existence.

In the core of the car Qim complex, there are five rooms or apses connected by a passageway. Taking a look from above, you’d see how similar the shape is to a woman’s, down to the hips and torso. This design and the discovery of miniature clay figurines on-site imply that the structures were most likely shrines dedicated to the veneration of mother earth and reproduction cycles.

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Golden Bay gets its name from a long swath of golden sand that stretches out into the distance. Translated, it is termed “The Sandy Bay of the Cracked (promontory),” “Ir-Ramla” in Maltese. Surrounded by natural dunes and sheer cliffs, the beach is guarded by a Knights of Malta watchtower dating back to the 17th century. The distinctively orange-yellow sands give way to shallow blue-green waters that get deeper with time.

At Golden Bay, here’s what to do!

Because it’s such a beautiful harbour, it’s no surprise that it draws many people—and not just for swimming and sunbathing. There are several activities and water sports to choose from, which contributes to the popularity of Golden Bay Malta among tourists and locals alike.

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When at St Julian’s, what are your options for entertainment?

St Julians, a cosmopolitan town on Malta’s east coast, is home to many tourists. It’s a popular destination for tourists, yet its Mediterranean appeal hasn’t waned. There are still traces of the old Maltese fishing village life in St Julians, but they’re seamlessly blended with the city’s bustling and multicultural vibe. St Julian’s is an ideal starting point for any Maltese excursion, thanks to its plethora of taverns, restaurants, and tourist sites, as well as its proximity to Valletta, the island’s capital. We’ve put together a list of the most delicate things to do in St Julians, Malta, to make the most of your time there.

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Last but not the least; you can rent a yacht from to roam around the island.

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