Is there any difference between disciplinary action in medical schools and graduate schools? The answer is Yes. Unlike other graduate schools, in medical schools, there are additional criteria such as lack of professionalism, for which a student may face disciplinary action.

If you are in trouble at your med school, a medical student lawyer will help you deal with the consequences.

What are the consequences of disciplinary actions at medical school?

If you are in trouble for a minor problem, at the maximum, you will have to pay a fine or penalty. But, if you get caught under academic misconduct or any other serious violations, you may even get a dismissal. A dismissal from medical school could abruptly end your medical career, leading to the wastage of so many years of hard work.

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What if you are facing disciplinary action due to poor academic performance?

If your academic progression is very poor, the school can expel you. However, it is an extreme step, as most schools will first intervene with you for possible reasons for the poor performance.

They may suggest remediation which might include repeating a year or semester. If the school decides to dismiss you, you can appeal against the school’s decision.

Since most medical students are high-performers throughout their life, there will be some solid reason behind the poor performance in school.

You might be facing financial troubles or other issues at home. Some students will have mental health issues that will hinder their performance. Whatever be the reason, if you can convince the school about your situation, you can evade severe actions like expulsion.

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Do you need an attorney? 

The answer is yes.

An attorney experienced in the field can help you understand your rights and possible legal actions.


  • They can also help you present a better appeal and increase your chance of winning.
  • For severe disciplinary violations such as Title IX cases that involve sexual misconduct, the accused should not think twice about contacting a lawyer.

Concluding thoughts

As a medical student who worked hard their whole life to get into a med school, you have to try your best to keep your academic record clean. Any black marks in your record can jeopardize your career as a doctor.

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Thus, it is in your best interest that you consult an attorney to better prepare for disciplinary actions at school. So, find a suitable medical school attorney at the earliest if you expect disciplinary action at your school.


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