Dental nurse insurance offers malpractice cover on a contractual, claims occurrence basis. This means that the practice is legally enforceable and is not discretionary. Also, locum dental nurse insurance by Insync Insurance, means that you will continue to be covered for the period of insurance even if a relevant claim is made when the policy ends.

Some of the key benefits of the insurance cover include –

●      The insurance cover limit as per the GDC requirements.

●      The insurance cover is designed with dental professionals kept in mind – specialist insurance.

●      Qualified dedicated dento legal advisors, also practicing dentists to work with you through a claim.

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●      To cover all duties as a dental nurse involving additional cover like processing and prescribing radiographs.

●      Option for free retroactive cover to confirm you are protected for a previous time frame.

●      A personal insurance certificate as proof of cover means that you need not rely on the employer to produce theirs.

Also if a claim is made against you, the specialist team will be present there to support you at every step and help you to ensure that the same incident does not happen again.

Locum dental nurse

Successful applicants will have –

●      Full registration with the GDC (General Dental Council) as a dental nurse.

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●      Professional indemnity insurance certificate (malpractice cover).


●      Hold a valid registration certificate from GDC.

●      Professional indemnity insurance certificate

●      Have a great command over the English language both spoken and written

●      Enhanced DBS check

●      Take ownership of the cleanliness of the surgery and have a can-do attitude

●      Great skills in timekeeping.

Benefits –

●      Flexible schedule of working as you will be able to select your own hours for work.

●      You can work within well-established private/ NHS/ mixed practices according to your preferences.

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●      It provides an opportunity to increase your knowledge of dentistry.

●      It has great scope for career progression.

The pros and cons

The cons

 The cons of becoming a local dental nurse are that it makes you feel like being continuously on call during the hours of work, but it is the nature, you don’t know whether you have to work till the last minute.

Another con is longer working hours, as all practices need not run the same hours. You may have to work a late shift one day and an early start the next day. You have to be prepared to twist and turn and run with the hours that they expect you to cover, so locuming is definitely harder due to the fundamental hours and also there will be variable travel times added to each day.

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The pros

Some of the pros include –

●      The flexibility of the role

●      Higher hourly rate

●      Freedom with your holiday dates.

●      Meeting new team members

●      Learning different techniques

●      Not involved with any in-house politics

●      No set routine for your week.

Another Pro is helping a practice when they require it the most which gets truly appreciated and valued for stop not cancel appointments depression do not have any inconvenience and this helped to run their practice only.


Being a Locum dental nurse gives insight into a number of different ways of doing the same process. It requires a lot of courage, competence, and skill to be a locum dental nurse, and you should fit perfectly in with every practice. You need to get registered with GDC and go for locum dental nursing insurance. However once if you try it, you will love it.

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