Harry Gittes is a name that has been around in Hollywood for some time now. He has worked behind the scenes for some of the biggest movies of the last century, including “Chinatown” and “The Two Jakes.” But what do we know about his net worth? In the following paragraphs, we’ll tell you everything you need to know. Get ready to discover the financial secrets of this incredible Hollywood legend.

Who is Harry Gittes?

Harry Gittes is an American film producer and talent manager. Throughout his career, he has been involved in some of the biggest movies ever made. He is best known for his work as an associate producer on the iconic film, “Chinatown,” and as a producer on its sequel, “The Two Jakes.” He has worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest names, including Jack Nicholson and Roman Polanski.

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What is Harry Gittes’ net worth?

Harry Gittes’ net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. However, this is only an estimate, and there is no official data available that can confirm this number. Gittes has kept most of his financial information private, which is why there is so much speculation around his net worth.

How did Harry Gittes make his money?

Harry Gittes made most of his money by producing films and managing talent in Hollywood. His biggest successes include “Chinatown” and “The Two Jakes,” which were both produced under his banner, “The Evans-Gittes Company.” Gittes has also worked with Jack Nicholson on multiple films, including “The Border” and “The Pledge.” He has been successful in managing his talent and producing movies that have been critically acclaimed and commercially successful.

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What are some of Harry Gittes’ most successful movies?

Harry Gittes has been involved in several blockbuster movies throughout his career. Some of his most successful movies include:

– Chinatown (1974)
– The Two Jakes (1990)
– The Border (1982)
– The Pledge (2001)
– The Missouri Breaks (1976)

These movies have been acclaimed by both critics and audiences and have helped establish Harry Gittes as one of the most successful film producers in Hollywood.

How has Harry Gittes managed his finances over the years?

Harry Gittes is known for being very private about his finances. It is not entirely clear how he has managed his money over the years, but it is likely that he has invested his earnings from producing movies into other ventures. He has also been successful in managing his talent, which has resulted in a steady stream of earnings through commissions.

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What is the future of Harry Gittes in Hollywood?

Harry Gittes has been in the movie business for decades and has established himself as a top-tier film producer. However, he has not been active in recent years, and there is no news about any upcoming projects or productions. It is likely that he has retired or taken a break from the business. However, with his vast experience and expertise, it is always possible that he may return to Hollywood in the future.

What can we learn from Harry Gittes’ financial success?

Harry Gittes’ financial success can teach us several important lessons:

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– Hard Work Pays Off: Harry Gittes has been working in Hollywood for several decades and has built up a successful career through hard work and dedication.
– Diversify Your Income: It’s important to have multiple streams of income, which can help you protect your financial future.
– Private Investments: Keeping your financial information private can help protect your finances and prevent unwanted attention.


Harry Gittes is a Hollywood legend who has had a successful career as a film producer and talent manager. Although his net worth remains a mystery, there is no denying that he has achieved great success in his career. His experience and expertise in the movie business can teach us important lessons about hard work, diversifying income, and keeping our finances private. So, let’s learn from Harry Gittes’ journey and strive for financial success in our own lives.

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