Are you passionately and selflessly blogging on Instagram? But, for various reasons, you do not have enough time to regularly generate original and unique content? In this case, blank Instagram templates will help you. Let’s talk about everything you need in more detail in this article.

If you want to promote your page or maintain a business account, you need to create a profile style. This is where ready-made layouts and templates for stories and posts can help you.

Blank Instagram templates – templates for creating posts or stories that are used for different purposes and tasks. Such templates also divided by types that are suitable for certain tasks.

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So why use post and story templates:

They allow you to create new publications without taking special design courses 

They help to maintain a style of the entire account. So, it is easier to recognize a brand or a specific blogger

Beautiful, neat and uniform design shows professionalism

These templates are also great for enthusiastic beginners. For those, who have and desire but no experience in creating not only posts and stories, but templates. And of course, it saves you time for thinking through a blog development strategy and creating new content.

There are also several rules for templates by which they can be created or searched:

  • high quality;
  • the standard post template is 1080×1080;
  • text should be legible – don’t use too small letters;
  • you should choose templates with a clear and uniform background;
  • post templates should be saved as ready-made static PNG and SVG.

Refine layouts and add effects, animations and emoji to them if it is appropriate. Adding elements everywhere in large quantities is a sign of a lack of not only experience but also taste. 

Where can I download free templates

There are a large number of resources where you can find free templates. One of these is In the case of this resource, it is also worth noting several unique features that it crovides:

  • There is an opportunity not only to download ready-made templates, but also to create your own using convenient tools.
  • There is a section with video tutorials that will be useful to all Instagram bloggers – from experienced specialists to beginners. No matter how professional you are, there is always the opportunity to learn something new.
  • Thanks to tools, it is possible to create not only static templates, but also animated ones, add sound or music.
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A large number of templates and materials are available absolutely free of charge. If this is not enough for you. You can get all the materials of the site for a small monthly fee.

How can you trust us

If you do not trust articles on the Internet – read reviews of real users about this resource on the Internet. As always, the choice is yours. We wish you good luck and creative success!


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