While the COVID-19 pandemic may have wreaked havoc in most healthcare departments, PharmXhealthOne’s focus on telemedicine is a clear indication of a silver lining for Wellington-based clients. Wellington PharmXhealthOne is one of the leading primary care facilities that address a wide range of healthcare services. Read on to find out why telemedicine is becoming trendier in the medical field.

Telemedicine vs. face-to-face consultations

Telehealth is becoming more popular now that many people have access to broadband internet connections and the devices necessary to conduct video interactions. Most patients prefer it over face-to-face consultations due to the following advantages:

Zero transportation time and costs

With physical appointments, you are forced to pay money for gas, parking, and public transportation. Even worse, you may still go through all that, and then end up getting back to work late. But with telehealth, all you need is your mobile device or computer and a reliable internet connection to have a live video interaction with your doctor.

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Whether you are at work or home, you can schedule video visits during your break or anytime you are available. Also, it maintains your health without missing a day of work or wasting your productive time off.

Access to a wide range of specialists

What would happen when you need to see a Wellington-based specialist but do not live in the same location? It is inconvenient to travel so that you can see the specialist for a simple consultation or follow-up appointment. Fortunately for you, telemedicine helps you access your caregiver no matter where you may be. And because your wellness is your primary concern, accessing the best specialist is vital.


Minimal chances of contracting a new illness

One place that favors the spread of new illnesses is a hospital or a doctor’s office. Of course, when you go to your doctor, it means you are looking out for your wellbeing, but also exposes you to others. With telemedicine, the risk of exposure to new infections is low because you are staying at home most of the time.

Better Health

Imagine a scenario where you can access your doctor at any time of day or night. Doesn’t it feel like a stepping stone to better health? As incredible as it sounds, telemedicine promotes an intimate environment for your caregiver to monitor your medication, lifestyle, and any chronic conditions you may have. The best part is, there is less time in the waiting room, meaning you do not have to wait for your turn to see the doctor. As long as they are online, you can strike a conversation and get the information and care you need.

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Get Telehealth services at PharmXhealthOne

Reduced transportation costs, less time in the waiting room, better health, access to specialists, and minimal chances of contracting new illnesses are all the benefits you can get from the PharmXhealthOne Telehealth services. Embrace the latest technology to increase your health potential. Call the clinic or book your appointment online to learn more about telehealth services.  

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