In this modern era, you will find various types of holidays being experienced by people from different parts of the globe. There are adventure holidays, romantic holidays, leisure holidays, family holidays, and cruise holidays to name a few. If you are interested in the best island holidays Australia, there are several islands where you can visit with your near and dear ones. However, very few of them can live up to Australia.

Being the sixth largest country in the entire world, Australia also happens to be an island continent. It covers around 25000 kilometres of coastline and is itself surrounded by close to thousands of islands. More popular island destinations like the Whitsundays Islands are very accessible with Airlie Beach tours, so make a great island holiday destination. Amongst the several popular islands surrounding the continent, one is close to 155 km long and locals call it as the “Kangaroo Island”. It happens to lie approximately 15 km away from Australia.

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Experiences on an Island Holiday

Just like there are multiple islands surrounding Australia, there are also several island holidays that you can find to enjoy with your friends or family members. When you visit an Australian island, you can enjoy numerous experiences that will make the holiday really special for you. Some of these experiences are discussed below.

  1. Admiral’s Arch: This is basically situated within the Flinders Chase National Park located on the Kangaroo Island. It happens to be a beautiful coastal archway that is sculptured by the sea, wind, and hundreds of New Zealand fur seals. These seals play on the shore platform below the archway.
  2. Signature Seal Bay Experience: You may visit the Seal Bay Conservative Park where just a walk among the locals can help you experience a yearlong reminiscent of the Galapagos. It is good for you to know that the Seal Bay is also the home to the third largest colony of Australian sea lions. The excursion will be led by a naturalist guide and it will provide you with an opportunity to walk on the beach in order to observe the wild seals of the country. You will be able to learn about their unique breeding cycle along with the current research programs that are being conducted on the site. You will be surprised to know that the breeding seasons of these Australian seals can last up to 6 months. Due to this fact, you may have a chance of finding young sea lion pups either being nurtured by their mothers or playing in the surf.
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Expedition to Balls Pyramid: Lying around 23 km south of Lord Howe Island lies a 550m grey basalt that spearheads from the ocean. The Balls Pyramid, which is also the largest sea stack, is the home to some of the most extraordinary birdlife. You will also find the water surrounding the pyramid teeming with all types of marine life. The Balls Pyramid is also the only place on earth that supports the last known wild population of the Lord Howe Island Phasmid or the rarest insect in the entire world. If you are an experienced diver, Balls Pyramid will prove to be an unparalleled adventure.

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