Unveiling the Wealth of the Royal Guards: An Inside Look at Their Net Worth

Have you ever wondered how much the royal guards are worth? Yes, those people who stand at attention outside the palace gates, wearing their magnificent uniforms and performing their solemn duties. They certainly look impressive, but what is their net worth behind all that regal appearance? In this blog post, we will take an inside look at the wealth of the royal guards and discover some surprising facts about their financial status.


The royal guards are a prestigious group of soldiers who serve as protectors of the monarch and the royal family. They have a long history dating back to the medieval era when kings and queens needed loyal and skilled warriors to defend their castles and territories. Although the role of the royal guards has evolved over time, their importance and symbolism remain significant to this day.

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In this blog post, we will explore the financial aspect of their lives and try to answer some common questions regarding their net worth. We will delve into various aspects of their income and expenses and see how they live their lives beyond the palace gates.

Section 1: Who are the Royal Guards?

The royal guards are a group of highly trained soldiers who serve as the official protectors of the monarch and the royal family. They are often seen standing at attention outside the palace gates, wearing their colorful and elegant uniforms. Their primary responsibility is to maintain the security and safety of the royals, the palace, and its surrounding areas.

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The members of the royal guards come from various branches of the military and have to undergo rigorous training to be selected for this prestigious position. They have to show exceptional skills in combat, discipline, and loyalty towards the crown and its values. Their role is ceremonial as well as practical, as they have to perform various duties such as guarding the palace gates, escorting the monarch on state visits, and participating in royal ceremonies.

Section 2: How much do the royal guards earn?

The salary of a royal guard varies depending on their rank, experience, and branch of the military. On average, a royal guard earns around £20,000 to £30,000 per year, which is comparable to a regular soldier in the army. However, this salary does not represent the full potential of their income, as the royal guards also receive various perks and benefits that enhance their financial well-being.

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For instance, the royal guards are provided with free accommodation inside the palace grounds, which saves them a considerable amount of money that would otherwise have been spent on rent. They also receive a daily food allowance, free healthcare, and access to recreational facilities such as gyms and swimming pools. All these benefits add up to a significant amount of money that the royal guards would have had to spend from their pockets if they were not part of the palace guard.

Section 3: What are their other sources of income?

Apart from their salary and benefits, the royal guards have other sources of income that contribute to their net worth. For instance, many of them work as extras in various movies and TV shows that require actors to play the role of soldiers or guards. As they already have the skills and appearance required for such roles, it becomes an easy way for them to earn some extra money.

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Additionally, some of them offer their services as security consultants or trainers to corporations, governments, and other organizations. As they have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of security, their expertise is highly valued in some circles.

Section 4: What are their expenses?

Despite all the benefits and perks, the royal guards have to bear some expenses as well. One of their most significant expenses is the cost of their uniforms, which are specially designed and tailored to fit their body shape and size. These uniforms can be quite expensive, and the guards have to replace them regularly as they wear out and get damaged over time.

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Moreover, the royal guards have to maintain a high standard of appearance and hygiene, which requires them to spend money on personal grooming products, such as shaving cream, razors, and haircuts. They also have to pay for their mobile phones, internet, and other personal expenses that any regular person would have.

Section 5: How do they invest their money?

As with any other person, the royal guards have to think about their financial future and plan accordingly. Many of them choose to invest their money in various financial instruments such as mutual funds, stocks, and bonds. Others prefer to invest in real estate, either as homeowners or landlords who rent out their properties.

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While many of them may not be able to afford large investments due to their relatively modest income, they can still benefit from small investments that offer long-term returns. They may also seek professional advice from financial planners or advisors who can guide them on the best investment strategies to achieve their financial goals.

Section 6: Are all royal guards equally wealthy?

No, not all royal guards are equally wealthy. Their net worth depends on various factors such as their age, rank, experience, and personal circumstances. Some guards may have other sources of income, while others may have more expenses than others. Therefore, it is impossible to generalize their financial status as belonging to a particular class or group.

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However, one thing is for sure, all royal guards have the opportunity to lead a comfortable life with adequate income and benefits. They have access to various resources and support systems that can help them manage their finances effectively and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Section 7: FAQs

Q1: Are the royal guards paid differently in different countries?

Yes, the salary of the royal guards varies depending on the country, its economy, and the cost of living. Some countries may have a higher or lower salary for their palace guards, depending on their budget and financial policies.

Q2: Can anyone become a royal guard?

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No, not everyone can become a royal guard. Candidates have to meet specific eligibility criteria, such as their age, fitness level, education, and experience in the military. Moreover, they have to pass a rigorous selection process that involves multiple rounds of tests, interviews, and physical examinations.

Q3: What benefits do the royal guards receive?

The royal guards receive many benefits such as free accommodation, food allowance, free healthcare, and access to recreational facilities such as gyms and swimming pools. They also receive an annual bonus and other performance-based incentives that enhance their net worth.

Q4: Can the royal guards retire early?

Yes, the royal guards can retire early if they have completed their designated service period and meet the retirement criteria. However, retiring early may entail fewer benefits and may lead to a reduction in their future income.

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Q5: What happens if a royal guard commits a crime?

A royal guard who commits a crime or violates the code of conduct of the palace guard may face disciplinary action, which may lead to suspension or dismissal from service. Moreover, he or she may face legal charges and be prosecuted according to the laws of the land.

Q6: Are the royal guards insured?

Yes, the royal guards are insured and receive life insurance and medical insurance benefits as part of their employment package. This ensures that they and their families are adequately covered in case of any unforeseen events or emergencies.

Q7: Are the royal guards allowed to travel abroad?

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Yes, the royal guards may be assigned to accompany the monarch or the royal family on state visits or official trips abroad. However, their travel arrangements and expenses are taken care of by the palace, and they are provided with adequate security and logistical support.


After exploring different aspects of the financial life of the royal guards, we can conclude that they lead a comfortable and stable life that is comparable to that of a regular soldier in the military. They have access to various resources and benefits that enhance their net worth and ensure their well-being. Although they may not be among the ultra-rich or the famous, they play an essential role in the grand scheme of things and deserve our respect and admiration.

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As a call-to-action, we should appreciate the hard work and dedication of the royal guards and acknowledge their contribution to the safety and security of the royal family and the country. We should support them in their pursuit of a better life and prosperity and encourage them to continue serving the nation with their skills and expertise.


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