Michelle Denholm is a highly successful woman who has made her mark in the business world. She has an impressive portfolio of businesses and investments, but what exactly is her net worth? In this article, we will uncover Michelle Denholm’s fortune, and we will also reveal some surprising facts that you may not have known about her.

Section 1: Who is Michelle Denholm?

Michelle Denholm is a Canadian entrepreneur, businesswoman, and investor. She is the co-founder of EDCO Awards & Specialties, a promotional products company. Michelle has also been involved in several other successful businesses, including a coffee shop, a car dealership, and a real estate investment firm.

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Section 2: How much is Michelle Denholm worth?

Michelle Denholm’s net worth is estimated to be around $100 million dollars. Her successful business ventures have allowed her to accumulate a vast fortune.

Section 3: How did Michelle Denholm make her fortune?

Michelle Denholm made her fortune through hard work, dedication, and smart investments. She has always been very business-savvy and focused on creating successful businesses. Through her various ventures, she has created a lifestyle that many can only dream of.

Section 4: What are some of Michelle Denholm’s businesses?

In addition to EDGO Awards & Specialties, Michelle Denholm has been involved in several other successful businesses. She co-owns a coffee shop chain called the DenSleep Coffee Company, and she is the co-owner of a car dealership called Denholm Auto Group. Michelle is also a partner in a real estate development company called Denholm Properties.

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Section 5: What are some surprising facts about Michelle Denholm?

Michelle Denholm leads a fascinating life that is sure to surprise you. For example, she is an accomplished pilot, having obtained her private pilot’s license. She is also a skilled photographer and has had her work featured in several galleries.

Section 6: How philanthropic is Michelle Denholm?

Michelle Denholm is a generous philanthropist, donating money to several different organizations. She is particularly passionate about supporting children and education, and she has donated millions of dollars to various charities.

Section 7: What is Michelle Denholm’s advice for success?

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Michelle Denholm believes that hard work, dedication, and persistence are keys to success. She advises young entrepreneurs to always keep learning, never give up, and stay focused on their goals.

Section 8: FAQs

Q: How old is Michelle Denholm?

A: Michelle Denholm’s age is not publicly available.

Q: Is Michelle Denholm married?

A: Yes, Michelle Denholm is married to her husband, Joe.

Q: What is EDCO Awards & Specialties?

A: EDCO Awards & Specialties is a promotional products company co-founded by Michelle Denholm.

Q: What kind of coffee does DenSleep Coffee Company serve?

A: DenSleep Coffee Company serves organic, fair-trade coffee.

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Q: What kind of photography does Michelle Denholm specialize in?

A: Michelle Denholm specializes in landscape and nature photography.

Q: What charities has Michelle Denholm donated to?

A: Michelle Denholm has donated to several charities, including The Terry Fox Foundation, The Ronald McDonald House Charities, and The Children’s Wish Foundation.

Q: What is Michelle Denholm’s favorite quote?

A: Michelle Denholm’s favorite quote is “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams,” by Eleanor Roosevelt.


Michelle Denholm’s net worth is an impressive $100 million dollars, which she has accumulated through hard work and smart business decisions. She is the co-founder of EDCO Awards & Specialties, as well as several other successful businesses. Michelle is also a philanthropist and a passionate advocate for education and children’s charities. Her life is full of surprises, and her advice for success is inspiring. By following her example, aspiring entrepreneurs can achieve their own dreams and become successful business leaders.

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