A silky and shiny blonde is undoubtedly very attractive hair. It looks beautiful, illuminates the face and rejuvenates those who wear it with style. In order not to be mistaken when choosing the right shade, it is important that you know what the options are. From platinum to darker and chestnut, we tell you what are the types of blonde and how to choose the ideal one according to the color of your natural hair and the hue of your skin.

Types of Blonde: all options

While we talk about “blonde” in general, there are many different shades. We list the options:

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Golden blond

Gold is one of the easiest shades to achieve. A blonde very chosen by those seeking a natural look. Hair looks shiny and maintains tone to the ends.

Many light-haired people use it to turn off the hue a little, while others with dark hair choose it to add a little shine and light to their manes. For more info Click here Embroidered Patches

Platinum blonde

It is extremely light, almost white hair that has no features or strands of other colors. Except for young children, few people have this shade of blonde naturally.

To achieve this, a very intense rinse is needed, which can damage or sensitize the hair a lot. Therefore, if you opt for this shade, it is very important that you nourish it and take good care of it to avoid frizz and dryness. Also, exposure to the sun or heat can transform this pretty platinum into an unpleasant rusty yellow.


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light blonde

This type of hair is a good choice for those who are naturally blonde. It is a light shade but a little darker than platinum and without that white appearance. It is a blonde with shine and closer to yellow. Light hair has no red, brown, dark, or gold tints.

Ash blonde

Ash hair is a darker blonde because it has a gray or brownish tint. This type of hair has a natural appearance and can be easily recognized. It works well with dark skin tones and is easy to achieve if we do not rinse very hard.

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Copper blonde

Red tints characterize this type of hair. It is a dark blonde that can be confused with a light redhead and is quite natural in people with pinker skin. It is usually a bit dull hair but, with good care and hydration, it can be really sensual.

How to choose the shade that suits you

If you are looking for a natural look and similar to your own color, the ideal is that the change is not so extreme and you move within a range of 3 shades lighter or darker than your base. Of course this will not be necessary if what you want is a striking contrast and very different from your natural tone.

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When choosing, it is also good to think that the colorations more similar to yours will require less consistency and maintenance. Also, if you have black or brown hair, you probably have to bleach it before applying any dye.

Although it seems simple, it is sometimes difficult to find the perfect blonde on the first try. You should know that all the dyes look different depending on the hair they are applied to. So to choose the dye that benefits you the most, in addition to your personal taste, you will have to consider the characteristics of your hair and the tone of your skin. We give you some tips to choose your ideal blonde type:

  • If your complexion is dark, it is best to choose a semi-dark blonde or light brown with golden highlights. This last option is great if you are looking for something very natural. The light highlights will add lightness and movement to the hair, intensifying the look and highlighting a lot of green and blue eyes. If you have them brown, the honey colors will be ideal to achieve the same effect.
  • The intermediate, pink or toasted skins are perfect with all types of blonde. It should be noted that, in tanned skins, copper tones are better; meanwhile, if you have a more rosy face, the ideal is for you to lean towards light blonde. Also, if your eyes are black or brown, some golden highlights on the reddish color will maximize your look.
  • For white skin, the recommendation is to use blondes that generate contrast and add light, such as gold. Also an ash blonde can be an elegant option to highlight the lighter face features. Very pale or platinum tones are not recommended because they will highlight the paleness of the face, achieving an undesirable bland effect. If what you are looking for is a striking and interesting image, you can encourage yourself to wear an almost white platinum that, accompanied by a crazy cut, will take many looks.


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