In the present time, there are many different types of drinks which people prefer to have with their family and friends as they are tasty and suitable for their health. If you are among them who want to have such drinks, then you can have tequila.

What is Tequila?

Many people don’t know what exactly is this thing. If you are among them, then don’t worry. It is mainly of the first distilled spirits to be originated in North America. It is produced from the blue agave, a plant with razor spines. It is famous throughout the world, and you can find hundreds of variations of this drink in different places. It is also an affordable choice for people who drink a lot.

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10 Popular Tequilas More Exciting Than A Basic Margarita

There are many people who want to have this drink, but it should be tastier and more exciting than a basic margarita. If you are among them but cannot find out such type of drinks right now, you do not need to worry anymore. The reason is that here are the top 10 tequilas that are better and more exciting than this type of drink right now-

  1. Casa Ginger Mint Paloma- It is a very famous drink that people love to have as it is easy to make and tasty.
  2. Oaxacan Old Fashioned- This is one of the famous tequilas which is loved by a lot of people due to its colour and health benefits right now. Also, you can find your get its recipe on the online sites.
  3. SWOL Anejo Tequila- If you want to have a drink that is of limited edition, is good, and beneficial for your health, then you can have this one. It is a perfect thing and is loved by many people.
  4. Clase Azul Reposado- If you don’t have a huge budget for tequilas for your consumption but want to buy a good one, this could be a choice. It can be a great thing and allow you to save money.
  5. Patron Reposado- Now, you can find that most people prefer to buy tasty and tiny ethnic tequilas. If you are among them, this could be a good choice for you. Patron Reposado is an excellent tequila, and you can get it over online sites.
  6. Don Julio Anejo Tequila- it is a light amber coloured drink with complex expressions of cooked agave, honey, and butterscotch. It is highly famous worldwide due to its low pricing, and you can understand by its reviews from different places, which are more than 4 stars out of 5 stars.
  7. Cabal Reposado- It is also one of the limited-edition drinks which cost around 70 dollars which is not so high, and you can afford it.
  8. Espolon Blanco Tequila- The price of this drink is lower compared to other ones on the list, which is around 24 dollars, and you can get it over online sites for your purchase.
  9. Patron Anejo Tequila- It is a very clear, warm amber-coloured tequila with many different or complex flavours. Aromas of vanilla, oak wood, raisins, and citrus. It has a very good reviews on online sites.
  10. Comisario Reposado- The percentage of ABV on it is above 40 percent, and its taste is like sweet tropical fruits and floral aromas with grilled pepper right now.
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If you are searching for a drink that can be good for your health and available in many different tastes and forms, you have tequilas. And if you want to buy it, you can visit their website.

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