Coodie Simmons is a famous American music video director, producer, and filmmaker best known for producing and directing several popular music videos. He is also known for his work in the film industry, co-directing films such as “Benji” and “Lost Cause.” Over the years, Coodie Simmons has amassed a sizeable fortune, and his net worth has become a point of curiosity for many.

In this blog post, we will delve into the untold story of Coodie’s net worth and reveal some shocking figures for 2021. We will take you through Coodie’s early beginnings, how he made his fortune, and his current net worth. So, hold on tight as we take you on an exciting journey into the world of Coodie Simmons.

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Section 1: Early Beginnings and Career

Born in Chicago in 1976, Coodie Simmons was raised in the city’s South Side. Growing up, he was passionate about music and would spend hours listening to various tracks while dreaming of making his music. In the early ’90s, he moved to New York City and began working as a waiter to make ends meet while pursuing his dreams of becoming a filmmaker and music video director.

In 1999, Coodie Simmons made his big break when he was hired to direct the music video for rapper Common’s hit single “The Light.” The video was a massive success, and Coodie’s career took off from there. He went on to direct music videos for several notable musicians, including Kanye West, Mos Def, and Erykah Badu.

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Section 2: Coodie’s Biggest Projects

Throughout his career, Coodie Simmons has directed countless music videos that have gone on to become classics. One of his biggest projects to date was co-directing the documentary “Benji” in 2012. The documentary told the story of a high school basketball player from Chicago’s West Side, Benjamin Wilson, who was killed at the age of 17. The film was critically acclaimed and played at several film festivals, including the Tribeca Film Festival.

Another big project that Coodie worked on was the 2017 miniseries called “The Defiant Ones,” directed by Allen Hughes. Coodie served as an executive producer on the project, which tells the story of the partnership between music moguls Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre.

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Section 3: Coodie’s Net Worth

Given his successes in the music and film industries, it’s no surprise that Coodie Simmons has accumulated a considerable fortune over the years. According to several sources, his estimated net worth in 2021 is around $2 million. This figure is based on his professional work, investments, and other sources of income.

It’s important to note that Coodie’s net worth has been the subject of speculation over the years, with some sources claiming that he is worth much more. However, until there is an official declaration from Coodie himself, $2 million is the most accurate figure we can provide.

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Section 4: Coodie’s Sources of Income

Coodie Simmons’ net worth comes from various sources. One of his main sources of income is music video directing, through which he has directed several notable music videos for musicians. He also makes a considerable amount of money from his work in the film industry, as well as investments in different ventures and projects.

Additionally, Coodie Simmons is involved in several philanthropic causes, including working with various charities and aid organizations. His involvement in these causes may also contribute to his income.

Section 5: Coodie’s Personal Life

Coodie Simmons keeps his personal life private, and not much is known about his family or personal relationships. However, a bit of digging reveals that Coodie is married to a woman named Keisha, and they have two sons together.

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In interviews, Coodie has mentioned that he prefers to keep his personal life out of the public eye as much as possible and focuses instead on his professional work.

Section 6: Coodie’s Legacy

Coodie Simmons’ legacy is one of creativity, passion, and innovation. Throughout his career, he has managed to bring a fresh perspective to music video directing and filmmaking and has left an indelible mark in the industry. His creative vision has also inspired many budding directors and artists, who hope to follow in his footsteps.

Section 7: FAQs

1. What is Coodie Simmons’ estimated net worth in 2021?
Answer: Coodie Simmons’ estimated net worth in 2021 is around $2 million.

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2. What are Coodie Simmons’ main sources of income?
Answer: Coodie Simmons’ main sources of income include music video directing, his work in the film industry, investments, and philanthropic causes.

3. What is Coodie Simmons’ biggest project to date?
Answer: Coodie Simmons’ biggest project to date was co-directing the documentary “Benji” in 2012.

4. What makes Coodie Simmons’ work so unique?
Answer: Coodie Simmons’ work is known for its creativity and innovation, bringing fresh perspectives to music video directing and filmmaking.

5. Who is Coodie Simmons married to?
Answer: Coodie Simmons is married to a woman named Keisha, and they have two sons together.

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6. What philanthropic causes is Coodie Simmons involved in?
Answer: Coodie Simmons is involved in various philanthropic causes, including working with charities and aid organizations.

7. What is Coodie Simmons’ legacy in the music and film industry?
Answer: Coodie Simmons’ legacy in the music and film industry is one of creativity, passion, and innovation, inspiring many budding directors and artists.


Coodie Simmons’ journey to success is one of hard work, dedication, and a passion for his craft. His impact on the music and film industries cannot be overstated, and his creative vision has inspired many. As we’ve discussed in this blog post, his net worth is estimated to be around $2 million, but that figure is subject to change given the various sources of income and investments.

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At the end of the day, what we can say for sure is that Coodie Simmons’ work will continue to be celebrated for many years to come, and his contributions to the arts will live on through the many musicians and filmmakers he has inspired. So, here’s to Coodie Simmons and the many successes that lie ahead for him.


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