Are you a fun-loving person? What kind of things do you do for fun? Like most people, you probably like betting, and the book of ra can be quite a challenge to obtain. To increase your physical strength and fitness, maybe you can do mountain climbing. While there are many mountains you could crawl, there are some you cannot. We will talk about the latter in this article. The mountains you cannot move up include the following.

Mount Kailash

Soaring 21,778 ft above sea level, Mount Kailash in the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China is a mountain you cannot climb. You aren’t allowed to do that because of the spiritual attachments that the locals have on it. It is a holy mountain and a sacred place of prayer for four different religions. These are Buddhism, Bon, Japanism, and Hinduism. Nobody had climbed this peak before, including Reinhold Messner, who had a chance to do so in the middle of the 1980s. It is believed that only a person free of sin can go up Mount Kailash, and there is none.

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Groom Mountain Range

It is a US-based peak range located in Lincoln County, Nevada. About 9,249 feet high, Groom Mountain Range is a cliff you cannot ascend. It is not because of any climbing difficulties or risks. The US Air Force disallowed public access because the range faces the Nevada Test and Training Range. The closed area is called Area 51. Don’t even think of coming near it as you will be in trouble with the authorities.

Puig Major

Another mount you cannot ascend is called Puig Major. It is located in Spain, on the island of Mallorca, and is the highest peak (4,741ft) of the Serra de Tramuntana Mountains. Just like Groom Mountain Range, Puig Major is restricted from climbing by the military. People can climb at least 850 meters. But once they come across the military zone, they should stop or move to the highest peak on Mallorca. It is just next to this one.

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Mount Yamantau

This heap is 5,380 feet high and is located in the Republic of Bashkortostan in Russia. The tallest peak in the Southern Urals, Mount Yamantau, is among those you cannot climb. No one wants to go up it because it is believed to be an evil pile. The locals believe there are evil spirits amid this hill. Yamantau is a blue rocky mountain surrounded by fog and hollows. The US believes a big nuclear facility is hidden in this mount, so it’s unsafe to climb. 

Gangkhar Puensum

Rising 24,840ft above sea level, Gangkhar Puensum is another peak that nobody can ascend. It is in Bhutan. Although it was climbed unsuccessfully between 1985 and 1986, no such activity is allowed now. The Bhutan government forbade climbing it in 2004. The locals believe that the hill is a haven for evil spirits. It is the highest unclimbed peak on Earth and makes a part of the vast Himalayas range. 

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Yucca Mountain

This mount is 6,706 feet tall. It is situated in Nye County, Nevada, USA. A part of the federal land adjacent to the Nevada Test Site, Yucca Mountain became the designated storage facility for used nuclear fuel and other radioactive waste matter. It is too risky to move up it, therefore, and it is not even possible. 

Now you know six mountains you cannot climb, others like Tora Bora and Gold Mountain. If you love mountaineering, try other mountains.


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