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Facts about Snowy Owl.

The snowy owl is also called Great white owl or Arctic owl , it is one of the most weird bird species on earth , while they are not in all present in all areas of arctic , they do not exist in Svalback , they are mostly seen in polar regions of Eurasia and north America .

The binomial species name “Scandiacus ” derived from Scandinavia as it was the place where these birds were first discovered.

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Coloring , size and wingspan.

It has most beautiful white body covering and astonishing yellow eyes. Their first flight feather is dark grey and maculate to provide concealment while they are in nest .

As they grow , they start to grow their signature white feathers . Adults males are mostly white but has also dark coloring on their wings tips . Female owl have more marbled appearance to provide concealment for nesting on ground.

Like other owls they have also very flexible neck , which can rotate about 270 degree . Snowy owls breed in May and June. As they live in mostly treeless areas so they are mostly found on the ground or on natural branch such as hillock or rocks . We know that mostly owls are nocturnal ( they are active at night ) but these snowy owls are diurnal ( they are active during the day , they are most active at dawn and at dusk.

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Their hearing is so well that they can even hear prey moving under snow. Their body is round which helps them to maintain body heat . They have warm feathers on their legs and feet to keep them warm and insulate then from cold.

mathew schwartz 2ypfincvl3o unsplash 1024x683 1 - The hidden life of a Snowy Owl.mathew schwartz 2ypfincvl3o unsplash 1024x683 1 - The hidden life of a Snowy Owl.

The Harry Potter movies were also responsible for sudden bang in the interest of snowy owls as pets . These birds are large in size , strong and also have a terrible bite. It is the most attractive bird specie on this plane

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