If you live in Miami, you’re certainly familiar with what it’s like to drive there, especially during rush hour.

Miami is a bustling metropolis with a diverse range of tourist attractions, shopping venues, enterprises, Driving Safe in Miami and, most importantly, driving Safe in Miami. These individuals are mostly residents and visitors who are cruising to various locations. So far, Miami appears to be no different from any other city. When on the streets, you ought to be especially careful, from keeping an eye out for passersby to avoiding erratic driving. We’ve compiled a list of the finest driving advice for surviving in Miami.

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Drawing on years of experience behind the wheel here in Miami, here are some useful tips that will be instructive for driving once you rent a Lamborghini in this city–where, fortunately, we have never had an accident. (That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.)

Keep your full attention on the wheel

This includes, of course, not texting and not looking at your phone, which is now enforced by law. (Use your phone hands-free when a call comes in to avoid a ticket.) In a city where you’re stuck driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic all too frequently and in any direction you travel, it is critical to remember that when you rent a Lamborghini, you cannot take your eyes off the road for even a second.

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Respect the speed limit

When you see a speed limit sign posted on a curve, believe me, it wasn’t just put there for fun. That seemingly arbitrary number was reached through a series of industry-recognized tests and engineering calculations conducted by experienced specialists in the field. While it may be true that sometimes going five or even ten miles over the limit may not make much difference, you should keep in mind that not all vehicles are the same. Different vehicles–be they taller or shorter, older or newer–will handle the same road conditions in their own unique way driving Safe in Miami. Some cars provide more “grip” on the curves while some will have far less, and consequently need to take turns much slower to stay on the road. This is not to say drivers should only be concerned with curves; even on the straightaways, it’s necessary to respect the imposed speed limits for the safety of both yourself and others.

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Use turn signals to change lanes

This, perhaps, is the worst and most ingrained of bad habits among Miami drivers. Survey after survey reveals that about 46% of people don’t use their blinkers to change lanes, and in certain cities in the state of Florida, the number may be significantly higher (it could also be lower–but let’s be honest: it isn’t).

The reality is that most Florida drivers don’t even realize what a common mistake they are making by not looking in their rearview mirrors or warning the drivers behind them before changing lanes. They just take it for granted that everybody drives that way, which leads to all-too-frequent and totally avoidable road collisions. Be wary of these types of drivers and avoid turning into one of them.

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Our advice to get the most out of that gold cool Lamborghini you rented: look in all the mirrors, put on the turn signal, look in the mirrors again, and slowly merge into the new lane. Now you’re changing lanes safely and in style.

Don’t change lanes at “steep” angles

Have you ever tried to change lanes only to find your path obstructed when an approaching vehicle suddenly appeared from behind you? It happens a lot on expressways and has become the cause of more and more accidents recently. It’s especially common with motorcycles, which sometimes “stay” in the blind spot of the car, where drivers simply don’t see them. Avoid doing that yourself by maintaining spatial awareness around your car, and making use of your mirrors whenever needed.

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To ensure a clear and clean lane change:

  • leave more than a reasonable distance from the vehicle in front of you
  • drive at the speed limit or below
  • check all the mirrors twice
  • lean forward a little, then return to your normal position
  • once you are sure no one is coming, merge from your lane to your desired lane

More and more accidents have occurred due to improper merging driving Safe in Miami, which experts say is absolutely avoidable–especially if you follow our advice!

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