Over the years, the word fat has had a bad wrap. It wasn’t until the keto craze started to kick off again in 2017/18. Scientists have known about the powers of increased fats and low carbs via the ketogenic diet for one hundred years. Doctors have been prescribing this form of diet since the 1920s as a treatment for epilepsy.

What Else Can Fats Do?

Outside of treating epilepsy, the ketogenic diet has a lot of benefits. Most of those benefits come from the increased amounts of healthy fats your body has at its disposal. The primary purpose of a diet high in fat and low in carbs is so your body can begin running on fats instead of simple carbs and sugars that burn faster, creating short bursts of energy that leave you tired and pretty exhausted.

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The best thing you could do for your body is to begin a routine around getting more fatty acids into your diet. Besides your everyday diet, it is healthful and helpful to start a regimen of fatty acid supplements. The best fatty acid supplements for your body are going to help you stay energized, healthy, looking, and feeling young for many years, but you have to get started, and you have to commit.

Fat is Energy

We’ve been getting it wrong for a while. Low-fat foods and the food pyramid have taught us for the last 15/20 years that fats are bad. Low-fat foods are full of sugar, and yo-yo diets are normal everyday life.

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Fat burns much smoother and cleaner than simple carbs and sugars. Fatty acids are these tiny molecular fats that are found in several healthy foods and fats that help fuel the body. They also act like tiny puzzle pieces that make up the cellular membrane.

Sticking to a fatty acid supplement routine means you are giving your body a fighting chance at normalized energy levels. Normalized energy means you can get through your day without dreaming of naptime as soon as an hour after lunchtime hits.

Fats Help Build Immunity

It seems a little crazy to think that having adequate access to fats and, specifically, fatty acids in the body can be a game-changer for immunity. We have always associated fats with poor health, and yes, some lifestyles and diets are focused on the wrong fats, but if you focus on the good fats, you can give your cells the fuel they need, which will help keep them healthy enough to fight off infection.

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Fats are the Fountain of Youth

Everything is okay in moderation, but if you aren’t getting enough fatty acids in your diet, your hair can fall out, you’ll lose the collagen in your skin, you could be sick more often. Our bodies act the same way when they are low on fatty acids as if they were low on vitamins.

Fatty acids are an essential nutrient that our bodies need to function, be healthy, and look healthy.

Not only do fatty acids give us the fuel we need to get through our day, to work out, to use our brains, but they keep our skin healthy. Fatty acids make up our skin’s natural moisture barrier, protecting us from harsh environmental factors, toxins, and pollution while keeping our skin moisturized and hydrated, helping your skin heal faster and look younger.

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The Best Fatty Acid Supplements

In conclusion, the best fatty acid supplements provide your cells with the nutrients they need to fight off infection, stay healthy and young-looking as a by-product, and help you increase your energy levels.

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