Today, the websites you browse on the Internet are built with React.js. With React.js, systems are easy-to-maintain and easily scalable, making it one of the best front-end frameworks. It’s one of the reasons why React.js developers are in high demand.

So, if you’re wondering whether React.js developers are paid as high as other developers, read on to know more. Of course, salary compensation depends on your skill set, experience, and in-depth domain knowledge, primarily JavaScript.

The Reintech company will help you find all the answers to your queries here. If you think you have all these skills, you can negotiate with the employer during the interview. We’ve listed the average salary for React.js developers based on skill and experience here.

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How much do React.js Developers earn?

Let’s get straight to the point. Well, the average salary of React.js developers is $120,000. Though this varies according to the geographical location and the candidate’s skill set, it’s for sure that you will get paid well even as a beginner.

For junior developers, the payment will be around $70,000, but if you build upon your skills during your undergrad, you can get more without a doubt. Many freelance developers earn around $60-$100 per hour, which is incredible.

So, whether you want to work from home as a freelancer or get into the top companies, you will get paid significantly well as you build upon your skills.

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Parameters that affect the Salary of React.js Developers

Not only is React.js easy to learn, but it’s also quick to develop. React.js makes it easy for developers to build intuitive UIs and dynamic interfaces for the web.

Because it is declarative and component-based, building interfaces for mobile apps and websites is easier than ever. Here are some of the factors that affect the salary of React.js developers:

  1. Knowledge of OOPs concepts

Mastering JavaScript will be a breeze if you’re clear with Object-Oriented Programming. So, ensure you are thorough with your OOPs concepts and practice coding challenges well before applying for a React.js developer or Front-end Developer job.

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Knowledge of JavaScript makes it easier to learn React.js as React is a Javascript framework; only when you’re thorough with your Javascript concepts will you be able to understand React.js.

  • Additional Skills

As a developer, you’re not required to know much about design, but you need to understand design principles and UI/UX. Since you will be collaborating with UX designers and coding the designs, you need to know its fundamentals to stay ahead of the game. Learn UI basics, and you’re good to go as a React.js developer.

  • Experience level

If you’re still in college, do not wait to get a job to get experience. Start doing personal projects and build your portfolio during college so that you can take up freelance projects and eventually land a high-paying job straight out of college. So, your compensation depends on your experience, even if you’re applying for a junior role. Keep practicing by doing personal projects or whenever you get an idea, try to code it.

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The future of React.js Developers

The future is bright for React.js developers due to its versatility and easy integration with other frameworks and libraries. The IT industry is always looking for skilled developers, which is currently lacking.

If you know the fundamentals well and can learn new concepts in a short timeframe, you will always be in demand. Even if new technologies come in the future, if you have a firm grip on your fundaments, learning them will be a piece of cake.

So, get your fundamentals right, and don’t worry about whether React.js will still be in-demand as it is today.

Final Thoughts

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In just a span of eight years, React.js has gained so much popularity and also has a dedicated community who share the same passion. React.js developers have been in demand for a while now, and the demand will continue to be in the near future too.

Whether you’re looking to hire React.js developers or are a React.js developer hunting for a job, Reintech can help you with both. We map developers with recruiters, so both get what you’re looking for.


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