One of the main ways project management differs is in the manner it applies. In project management responsibilities are distributed among people. Managers can have specific project to handle or a larger number of projects to lead. Project management deals with the process a person uses to coordinate all or part of the project that can be seen as people agreeing to work together to save time or money. Project management works to prepare the groundwork as well as plans to guide the execution of the project. It is generally done by a manager who is directly responsible for the well-being of the work and the subject matter. As outlined on a PRINCE2 Foundation Manchester Course.

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A project is a temporary process when a group of people agree to see a problem through and resolved together. Harvard authors sixty years ago while discussing the characteristics of the leader in management said, “Perhaps they were very lucky: those who could choose their own lessons became leaders. Some became great, and those who could not waited their time to play out their educational arrangements.” My definition of project management being an ongoing evolutionary process is very similar to Harvard’s description. However,project managementis fine-tuned more to the particular tasks in the art and trade of making a work of art or show because that work involves more than just one working group. A project in the arts could be handled by just the one artist involved; a project in the business world could be done by just the supervisors machinery workers. Even within a Department of State in the country we are on, there are departments dealing with a wide variety of functions and within each department a direct or coordination call has to be discontinued to certain agencies. This only explain how each site works as a team with or by each other.

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There are several variations to the process of project management. Many efficiencies are gained from the earlier stages and therefore a well- defined goal is needed so that resources, time and money are considered. Decisions should be made that apply to all or most teams, not just the needs of the group currently working together. Thus, the general project might be just a congregation of groups.

To picture this, think of a football team. A center, tailback and hustle centres. Some of these men are one, two or three of a team and others will be on their own. Whatever decision makers could be assigned for any one of these three sections they will have common points and decisions.

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Thus a project can be looked at as an ongoing event rather than similar to a political assembly. What is the goal?

-where is the goal?

-who is right to make the decision?

-who will work hardest?-what resources others will provide?

Projects can be small projects at times in the arts and in commerce also a community project. Examples, may include a small television show, a school play, a community festival, a church service, a performance by a band. Just consider a play-it is called a play isn’t it?

Although, when the number of work and effort for a project, the more people involved in the project there usually gets to cost more. Delegation’s are a good way to decrease the costs, people get free time at other careers and that in-turn may bring better work at home careers.

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