As a popular destination, Australia’s Bondi Beach has some of the most exclusive restaurants where a diner can relish good food, drink, comfort and relaxation. Most of them boast of international and delicious local cuisine. Can’t wait for a plate of fresh, tasty seafood stashed with a sizable amount of pasta or some Latino or Brazilian cuisine? You will easily find these delicacies at Bondi beach. Check out some of the most popular restaurants you can sample while at Bondi beach.

The SouvLucky Country

The SouvLucky Country is a family-owned eatery famed for its excellent menu and exceptional customer service. The spot has incredible food variety, and if you are a sucker for Greek cuisine, then this is the place to be. Some of the tasty food you can gorge on include lamb souvlaki and chicken, and pork on a stick. You can also devour different high-quality rotisserie meats, accompanied by a generous plate of chips. For dessert, they have the sweetest, most mouthwatering Loukoumades covered in honey and Nutella, so sweet that you will need to visit Dr. Bobby Chhoker for a tooth cleaning when you’re done. Mostly you will be impressed with the super friendly and quick service. And if you are not in the mood for the outdoors, but need great food, delivery on order is available.

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Bondi Trattoria

Whether you are a family of 10, just a few of you, or solo, Bondi Trattoria, will always meet your expectations. Situated strategically along the Bondi beach, this restaurant offers the best Italian and traditional Australian food, accompanied by some of the most high-quality wines. You can always check-in for a quick and hassle-free breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Besides the lovely food, the ambiance and excellent service are what keeps customers coming. The food will be quick to arrive, and the servings are extremely generous. If you have kids, they are also given an extensive menu from which to pick. They can also enjoy a coloring session with a freely provided pencil and paper.

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Bonditony’s Burger Joint

If your mind and soul cannot get off a tasty burger, then Bonditony’s Burger joint does it for you. The restaurant owner is warm and welcoming, while the burgers with a stash of chips are not just tasty but massive as well. You will love the ambiance, and you shouldn’t worry if you have come along with your four-legged friend. Dogs have a reserved safe place outside the eatery.

Meanwhile, the café also offers both in/outdoor service, depending on your preference. Assuming you love your food accompanied by a good dose of music, then you have it in plenty here. Mostly it a good place where you can come accompanied by friends for a lovely day out. And finally, cleanliness at Bonditony’s is a notch higher, and so even in the most challenging times of Covid19, you do not have to worry about hygiene.

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The Corner House

This café caters to the very adventurous in terms of cuisine. From the delicious local food to the Italian pizza and Mexican food, you have it all. The most loved of the delicacies include roast carrots and beef cheeks. Then those crispy pizzas with simple but mouthwatering toppings are also available. The wine list at this spot is also quite impressive such that you can choose from a list of over 15. And whether it is a gin sour with ginger or a subtle mix of wasabi to the rhubarb, your best picks are always at your disposal.


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