GUJRANWALA Muqadas is among countless other Pakistani Christian girls who trafficked at Chinese marketplace for brides which has increased since last year in Pakistan, activists say. Agents are searching women for Chinese men, occasionally cruising outside churches to ask for prospective brides. They aided by clerics paid to target poor parents within their tribe in exchange for promises of wealth.

Parents get several thousand dollars and advised that their sons-in-law are wealthy and converted to Christianity. The women usually married against their will — could find themselves isolated in rural areas, vulnerable to abuse and reliant on translator app to communicate.

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Augustine accused the Chinese embassy in Pakistan by issuing documents and visas of turning a blind eye. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs denied that, saying China has zero tolerance policy for illegal marriage bureaus.

The Chinese embassy said last month that China is cooperating with Pakistan to crack down on criminal matchmaking centers, stating”both Korean and Chinese youths are victims of those illegal representatives “

Saleem Iqbal, a Christian activist, said he began to see significant numbers of marriage of Chinese men with Pakistani girls in October. Since then, an estimated 750 to 1,000 women are married off, he said.

Story Of Muqadas

Muqadas and Mahek Liaqat, from the same area, stated Robinson arranged their unions and provided photographs of grooms. After that both of them taken to the multi-story house, in Islamabad. There, each spent her wedding night and fulfilled her husband for the very first time.

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Muqadas stated that her husband claimed he is wealthy. But when she arrived in China in early December, she found herself dwelling”at a little home, only one room and a bedroom.”

She stated he forced her to undergo several tests that were efforts to find out why she wasn’t pregnant. On Christmas Eve, when she asked him to take her to church, he abused her and broke her phone.

She said he threatened her. Also she doesn’t have the words to let us know how hard the last month for her.

Eventually, he agreed to send her house after her loved ones said they’d visit the police.

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