“The future is private,” Mark Zuckerberg announced – incorporating, in a nod to the tech giant’s stream of privacy scandals: “I understand we don’t possess the most powerful standing on privacy at the moment, to put it lightly.”

He also said that It’s not going to happen overnight and they don’t have all the answers.

CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg revealed a series of changes to the company’s portfolio of platforms, such as Whatsapp and Instagram.
However he will need to convince the public that Facebook is the best place to try it, some commentators noted.

Announced Changes

A number of the changes to those who use the products of the company will contain:

  1. Messages delivered via Messenger will be end-to-end encrypted by default, meaning Facebook itself won’t see the contents, along with the platform will integrate with WhatsApp.
  2. Instagram will be trialing a”private like counts” feature which would conceal the”likes.”
  3. There’ll be more transient methods to share content in messages – meaning there won’t be a permanent record of them.
  4. A WhatsApp safe payment service trialed in India is to be rolled out to other countries later this year.
  5. The Facebook program is being redesigned to make community groups central to the news-feed and also saying goodbye to the unique blue branding. The redesign is currently rolling out in the United States and more broadly straight away.
  6. Instagram posts will no longer need to start with a photo or a movie. It will be possible to share content with only text, stickers or stickers due to some new”produce” camera mode.
    In a speech to developers, Mr. Zuckerberg explained the firm’s new focus on privacy as a significant shift in how the organization run.
    He confessed that there was much to do to rebuild trust.
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He has said that he believes people want to speak privately in communities and small groups.

The designs and features for its programs are a response to widespread criticism of the firm that protects user information.
Mark Zuckerberg said the firm is planning to put privacy first.

He explained Facebook now focusing on looking at ways to encode privacy throughout the whole infrastructure of the firm.

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