A career in the beauty industry pays well and allows you to work from home. What’s more, beauty services are in demand right now. It’s no wonder that the beauty industry is attracting everyone these days. 

Professionals who are licensed to deliver those beauty services are known as cosmetologists. Haircutting, coloring, and styling are all standard services. Aside from these, you’ll also learn how to do different skincare, haircare, and nail care techniques. This can range from manicures, pedicures, cosmetics applications, and facial treatments. 

A career as a cosmetologist is fitting for you if you enjoy working with a flexible time. It’s also included in the job to show off your creativity and work with different people. In this article, we’ll be explaining how you can get a job in the beauty industry.

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Steps to Getting a Cosmetology License

A cosmetology license is a requirement in every state if you want a career in the beauty industry. You have to pass the cosmetology state board exam to qualify as a beauty professional.

You can take the board exam right after finishing your beauty school. However, you can also take a break and practice everything you learned from school. There are cosmetology practice tests available online, and most offer them for free. With these practice tests, you’ll be able to know which areas in cosmetology you should improve.

Moreover, the questions are derived from previous board exams. That way, you can better prepare yourself for answering the questions on your board exam. 

  1. Get a Degree or Certificate in a Beauty School or Program
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The first step to getting a license is to enroll in a beauty or cosmetology school. State regulations about the requirements for licensure differ. However, most states need a cosmetology training certificate or an associate’s degree in cosmetology.

The length of education depends on your desired degree, program, and school. If you want to go to school full-time, you can complete a full program in two years. However, the process will take a little longer if you are studying part-time. 

Additionally, you can find a program that offers nighttime hours. It’s ideal to enroll in programs with this option since it’s more flexible. You can attend classes at your most convenient time. It’s possible to work during the day and study at night. 

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A big advantage of completing a cosmetology degree is that you can focus on a specific area that interests you. This is in addition to learning about the industry. You can get a program focusing on cosmetics application and graduate with those talents and more.

Getting Certificate From Apprenticeship Programs

Some states also allow you to finish an apprenticeship program in cosmetology instead of going to school.

You’ll be working in the field under a qualified professional at a spa, salon, or similar. That professional should be licensed to mentor you, which means you’ll learn while working. This is in comparison to learning in a classroom with mannequins or models. With an apprenticeship program, you can watch and practice with real clients.

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The mentor receives free professional help as a tradeoff. Consider what goes into this option before pursuing it. You should know that it will most certainly increase the time of your training. 

Apprenticeship hours are longer than standard school hours in states that allow them. In Washington, you can expect to finish your apprenticeship for 2,000 to 3,000 hours.

  1. Complete Your Training Hours

Aside from going to school, you also need to undergo training. The length of your training hours varies across states. However, most states require you to undergo 1,000 to 2,000 training hours for a degree. These hours are part of your education, and you will be conducting services on real individuals. 

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Your training hours aren’t only beneficial to completing the degree. Clients who agree to get beauty services from students get discounted prices from most salons. Because of this, you can already establish a portfolio even before you graduate.

You can also add more training hours to your resume. This will broaden your expertise and qualify you for other licensed specialties.

  1. Pass the Cosmetology Licensure Exam

The next step after earning a certificate or degree is to take your state’s cosmetology licensing exam.

Each state has its licensure exam and priority areas. Your beauty school will be familiar with your state’s cosmetology regulations. They will assist you in training and preparing for your state’s license exams.

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What Are the Contents of the Cosmetology Licensure Exam?

Most state licensing tests include a written component, a practical component, or both. In the written exam, the typical questions are about cosmetology rules and procedures. 

The written exam is divided into four categories. These are:

  • Scientific concepts
  • Haircare
  • Skincare
  • Nail care

The practical part involves hands-on examination. It is divided into ten sections, each of which is time-sensitive. You will be using real tools and mannequins or models and applying the techniques that you learned.

When you pass the licensure exam, you can finally open the salon of your dreams. You can even practice your profession in your state.

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Tips on Starting a Job in the Beauty Industry

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Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

If you’re thinking about a career in cosmetology, you’re probably wondering where to begin. Cosmetology can be an extremely competitive field to break into. 

In the beauty industry, there is a lot of competition to do well, build a huge customer, and have a professional presence. There are a few things that future cosmetologists can do to have a jump start in their professions. Read more to find out how you can start your career as a cosmetologist.

  1. Understand Your Career Opportunities

It’s important to understand what kinds of jobs you can get with a cosmetology license. Would you prefer to work as a beauty counselor at a makeup counter or as a stylist in a salon? Learn about all of your options so you can determine which one best suits your interests. 

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The beauty industry offers a diverse selection of innovative job prospects. However, not everyone is suitable for every position. You can look up different career opportunities in the beauty industry and learn from them. Understand what they do and decide which you want to take as your specialty.

  1. Your Interpersonal Skill Are Important Too

The majority of jobs in the beauty sector need you to generate conversations with people. Throughout the day, you will interact with clients, vendors, and peers. There’s also the question of employment interviews. 

All of these conversations require you to have a high level of professionalism and interpersonal skills. During cosmetology school, you can try to break out of your shell as much as possible. You can do this by speaking in front of crowds and conversing with strangers.

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Being extroverted is a plus. However, it’s still important to hone your interpersonal skills to prepare for a career in the beauty industry.

  1. Learn From Experts

Learning from those who have gone before you is a great way to be successful in your field. Learning from experts is practically the entire objective of school and college. 

Aside from enrolling in a beauty school, you can also watch videos of beauty influencers and experts. You’ll be surprised how much you can learn about the techniques in your profession.

  1. Compile All Your Works

Take as many images and videos of your work as you can while you’re still learning the ropes. You want to prove to companies that you’re qialified when looking for a long-term job. 

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You should be creating your portfolio while in beauty school. However, working without the support of qualified educators is a new experience. And for that here are some tips to get you started:

  • Create an Instagram account. Instagram is a fantastic way to build a fan base and attract new clients. To do this, show them exactly what services you’re capable of doing on social media.
  • Request feedback from each of your visitors. You just need to ask your clients for some feedback on your work. People who enjoyed their appointment are more likely to leave you positive feedback. And if you received some negative comments from a customer, don’t be ashamed. You can learn from your mistakes and improve yourself.
  • Make a change to your resume. Make sure to show off some of your favorite looks and skills as you gain more experience. Find ways to get certified in various fields, such as make-up, if at all possible.
  1. Build Your Networks
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Building a professional beauty network is an important part of any career in the beauty industry. Whether it’s with friends from school or coworkers at your present job. 

You can attend conferences and training that are available online. This way, you can meet new people who are experts in your field. However, it’s also important to maintain contact with classmates.

When looking for a new job, these contacts can be really useful.

  1. Be on All Social Media Platforms

In the twenty-first century, social media is your best friend. If you want people to know your brand, you have to be on all social media platforms. In the beauty industry, social media functions as an all-in-one digital resume and portfolio. It’s a platform to display your work, network with other beauty experts, and attract new clients. 

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The ability to tag clients in your images while using a site like Instagram for marketing is a huge plus. When you tag someone in an image, they repost it for their followers to view. This means that your name will be seen by a completely different group of people. 

Using famous hashtags is another great approach to get your work noticed. Making the most out of social media platforms is critical to achieving success in the beauty industry.

  1. Be Updated With New Beauty Trends and Techniques

The beauty industry is always changing. New trends and products emerge regularly, thanks to celebrities, fashion shows, and social media. It’s important to keep up with what’s in demand to stay on top of your game. Being updated with new trends and techniques can also help you provide people with what they want. 

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It seems overwhelming given the vast amount of information available these days. Don’t be! You are not required to read every magazine or follow every blog. Following beauty influencers and companies on Instagram is the quickest way to learn about the latest trends.

If you prefer traditional magazines, pick a few favorites and stick with them. When you know more about beauty trends, you can provide better service and build a great portfolio.


Getting into the beauty industry provides you with numerous career opportunities. You can study in a beauty school and get a cosmetology license and work in big companies. You can also start your own and compete with existing beauty companies. Or, you can be a beauty influencer and upload tutorial videos on social media.

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There is no right or wrong way to begin a career in any profession, including the beauty industry. However, there are specific steps in the industry that can help you advance your career. Exploring many aspects of the industry before choosing one is a great way to ensure your success. You might be surprised to discover what you excel at or love doing more.


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