It’s undoubtedly an incredible and fantastic experience to acquire knowledge as a college student. Along with this knowledge comes a massive collection of textbooks that you may not need after school. And let us not forget how expensive these books are. 

You can spend about $1,200 a year on textbooks alone at a public four-year college. You can’t avoid these expenses, but you can have some of the money back. If you purchase books intending to resell them, you can save more money than you realize. 

Try the four ways below to make money from recycling your textbooks so that you can have extra funds for other expenses. 

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4 Ways To Recycle Textbooks And Earn Extra Cash 

  1. Sell Your Books Online For Cash 

One effective way to recycle your textbooks for cash is to sell them on the best bookselling sites. There are numerous sites out there that can buy your books. However, not all of them can give you the best deals. 

If you decide to sell your textbooks online, we recommend starting with And that’s because they’ve been in the bookselling industry for quite some time. They have extensive buyback vendors they work with so that you get the best deals. Aside from that, the selling process is transparent and convenient, and they ensure that you get paid. 

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We also recommend You can download their app on Android or IOS and find out how much your books are worth. All you have to do is scan your book’s ISBN with your smartphone, and BookScouter will let you know what each buyback store will pay you for. 

Other sites we also recommend are,, and 

If you don’t prefer selling textbooks online, you can try local bookstores such as The Strand, Powell’s Books, etc. They also offer great book deals. 

  1. Trade Your Textbooks For Other Books 

If you don’t want to sell your textbooks or are not buying your books, you can trade them. This allows you to acquire books you may need for next semester. If your book is in good condition, you can upload them to Paperback Swap, a site solely dedicated to swapping used books. 

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What you need to do if you want to swap your book is to open an account and type in your book’s ISBN. You earn two credits for the first ten books you list on the website. If someone wants your textbooks, the person will request them from you. 

You can then print a shipping label, wrap up the textbooks, and mail them from your local post office. When you get a credit in your account, you can use the credit also to acquire a book.  

However, when it comes to trading books, communication is crucial. Your details have to be on point, and you have to be searching for potential traders proactively. It would help if you also had more time to trade compared to selling your books online. 

  1. Try Facebook Groups 
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Facebook Groups has an enormous market which is an ideal place to sell your textbooks. There are Facebook groups for students who are in the same courses as you. You can sell your textbooks to them. Facebook Groups can help you narrow down your demographics and find the actual students interested in your books. 

So if you plan to sell your books and earn money, consider Facebook Groups. You can even sell your books in bulk and avoid any third parties. You can prevent postage charges if they are in the same college as you. 

  1. Rent Your Textbooks 

Instead of selling your books online, you can rent them to students who offer the same course. Some students are willing to pay for books they need. If you rent your books out, you get money from students who didn’t plan. 

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You can also get more money from renting the same book to many students. The downside, however, is that there’s no guarantee that the students will return the book. Honest people might forget to bring them back. 

So you can lose more money in the process. But with proper planning, you can make a profit renting your books. You need to have a good strategy, including policy and how the students can maintain the book in good condition. And most importantly, bring the book back safe and sound. 

If you get it solved, you can make a lot of money. 


If you want to sell your textbooks and earn cash, you can. You can follow the steps outlined in this guide, and we’re sure one of them will give you the profitable returns you need. Selling your textbooks on sites is the ideal option. 

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All you have to do is type in your book’s ISBN, choose the highest or suitable offer, and ship your books. Some bookselling sites, don’t even charge shipping. It’s free. You can even make a profitable side business long after you graduate from college. So we recommend you start from there.


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