You have just bought a new home or accepted a new job in another town or state. You are now planning to relocate with everything you own, including your kids. We have to tell you something- moving with kids is not easy. Before we look at the part where you have to pack their belongings, here is what we want to say. When moving to another city or state, not many children, especially adolescents, are thrilled with the news. Some will not even help with packing. However, this does not have to be hard on you. A moving company can make the process hassle-free. In the meantime, here is how you move with kids.

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Break the News

After you have confirmed you are moving, it is time to break the news to the kids. Call for a family meeting or wait until dinner to tell them. Explain why you have to move and let them know you are excited. Share your past moving stories to help them feel at ease if they are moving for the first time. You may also show them the new place if you have pictures on your phone. It is also crucial to let them know they are free to express their concerns and feelings. Additionally, tell them that you will depend on them during this period.

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Ask the Children to Help You

It will be a good idea to ask the kids to help you pack. Even if the moving company will be there too, asking every kid to help pack their room will be a good idea. You can ask them to pack small items like toys, clothes and such. If the kids are too young to help, a friend or family member can keep them busy as you pack. They may take the kids out to make packing easy.

3.Start Weeks Before Moving Day

It takes twice longer to pack with kids around than it would take if you were packing alone. You will need to take breaks between packing to tend the kids. A kid may also want something you have already packed and that means unpacking again. Therefore, we recommend starting packing weeks or months after you have confirmed your relocation. Time will fly and before you realize it, there is no more time left to pack.

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4.Have a Yard Sale

This is a crucial point when moving with kids. Kids tend to accumulate a lot of stuff, like toys and this can add to the load. The best way to reduce the load is to conduct a yard sale. Ask the kids to choose the items they would like to sell.

5.Host a Farewell Party

One difficult thing about moving with kids is the fact that you have to separate them from their friends. You can reduce the anxiety by hosting a farewell party for your kids’ friends. Invite your family, friends, neighbors, and your kids’ schoolmates. Exchange contacts and take many pictures for remembrance.

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In a Nutshell

Moving with kids is not an easy thing. However, you can make the process less anxious and more exciting by following the tips discussed above. If you need help, we are the best movers for you.

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