A Contact page is one of the essential pages every website needs. (a homepage, an about page, a blog page, and a contact page). 

Most websites focus on the Homepage and Product page (if they’re e-commerce) and consider the Contact page less important. They believe the sole purpose of this web page is to inform visitors about their phone number and address which can also be placed on the website header or footer.

However, the Contact page has a critically important role in turning browsers into buyers since it enables them to get in touch with the company. Interaction with potential customers is very important for all small businesses. It is a chance to build a strong relationship with them and gain their trust. 

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On the other hand, if well-optimized for search engines, the contact page may serve  as a landing page and a great conversion and lead generation tool.

Aleph Website is a Web Dev and Design agency and a team of SEO experts who have been helping small businesses across the world to boost conversions drastically by optimizing the Contact page for search results. 

They say Contact page SEO implies the following aspects. 

On-site SEO of the Content 

First of all, we have to optimize the content on the Contact page (same as we do with other web pages). This includes meta title and meta description, headers, text, Image Alt Text, Internal links and anchor text, backlinks, email, social media links.   

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Learn more about How to optimize content on the Contact page for high ranking 

Google Business Profile Optimization

Google Business profile enables businesses to offer online booking direct from Google, without entering the website. The appointment link is placed on the Informational Graph on Google named ‘knowledge panel’.Clicking through the link, users can contact the company directly. 

Schema Markup

Schema Markup is a search engine language that helps it understand better information on the website, meaning, and relationship between different entities on the website. 

This enables search engines to provide ‘Rich Results’ and help users find relevant and accurate information efficiently. 

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Schema Markup makes a Contact page more visible, so it increases the chances of getting in touch with potential customers.

Learn more about which Schema Markups you can use to optimize your Contact page effectively.

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