When you think of Disney, Harry Potter or Cadbury, you will immediately remember the words that are written in unusual fonts. This is how text logos work, expressing the individual characteristics of the brand, using typography, shapes and colors. Such an identity works for brand recognition, which means it is necessary at the very beginning of a business. In this article, you will learn how to create a memorable text logo.

The word logo itself is of ancient Greek origin: λόγος – word + τύπος – imprint. The term “logo” originated at the beginning of the nineteenth century and meant the combination of several characters of a typographic font.

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A logo is an emblem that includes stylized letters and/or images that carry a specific idea. Its main role is the identification of the company. With the help of the logo, the consumer recognizes, identifies and chooses the brand they like.

The logo is the most important element of the company’s image. For an ordinary consumer, the presence of a logo or trademark of a company with an established status means a guarantee of the quality of a product or service. If a product does not have a logo, it will not inspire confidence. A good trademark is the cornerstone of a company’s brand. With it, customers understand what kind of company it is and what it does.

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How to Create a Text Logo

To create an effective text logo, you need to concentrate on every detail. We will analyze all the components of the design.

You can make a text logo in a couple of minutes in the logo maker Turbologo.

Criterions of choice

An identity is a visual expression of a brand’s character through colors, fonts and graphics. Therefore, the development of corporate identity must begin with a thorough analysis of the company and positioning:

  • The nature of the business. Write phrases or words that are associated with your business. For example, they are friendly, unusual, care about the environment and so on. You need to answer the question of who you are and find visual solutions that will match this;
  • The target audience. Analyze your customers: who they are, what interests them, what their values ​​are. You need to choose tools that can convey your message to the target audience in their language;
  • Identity of competitors. Analyze the text logos of companies in your industry. You need to choose typography and colors that will distinguish your brand from the brand of competitors.
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Choosing a font

After the analysis is carried out, you need to choose a design language. The main role in the text logo is assigned to typography: the ease of reading and how the brand will be perceived depends on it.

Font type

Four types of font are commonly used:

  • With serifs. It suits brands that want to emphasize status, tradition, professionalism or prestige (Tiffany, Rolex, Gucci);
  • Sans serifs. It is used by most brands. This font is easy to read on any device and in any size;
  • Handwritten. They are used in creative projects, brands related to home improvement, health. With handwritten fonts, a brand can connect with customers and create an impression of friendliness and openness (Barbie, Walgreens, Cadbury);
  • Creative typography. It is chosen by companies that want to emphasize their non-standard individuality and stand out in the market (Disney, The New York Times, Harry Potter).
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Many standard fonts contain multiple styles. For example, regular, bold, direct, italic. Choose the option that most accurately expresses the character of the brand and its idea. Think about how you will write the word: capital letters, lower case letters, or a combination of them.


Pay attention to kerning, that is, changing the distance between letters. Although the intervals between them are always the same, due to the peculiarities of the form and letter combinations, sometimes it may seem that the distance is too large or small. In these cases, it is corrected manually so that the inscription looks harmonious and does not create difficulties in reading.

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Make sure that the inscription in the selected font is clearly visible even at low resolution. The logo should remain legible even on small media: a business card or a plate in an email signature.

We select the color

Color, like font, has a big impact on how a logo is perceived by the target audience. When choosing it, you need to take this into account. For example, red is associated with strength and energy, blue with calmness and confidence, black and white palette with luxury and style.

You can combine several shades. This way you add personality to the identity. A famous example is the Google logo. Consider several background options: white, black and color.

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Form and graphic effects

The highlight of the logo can be non-standard graphics or a game with a form. Here are some options:

  • Replace a letter with a symbol. Choose what is associated with your company. For example, Pixar replaced “I” with a lamp;
  • Consider different spellings. Add a non-standard element that will stand out from the general row and attract attention. For example, like the enlarged “A” in Braun;
  • Place in the form. You can place an inscription on a form. A famous example is IKEA;
  • Break into lines. This method is suitable for companies with a simple and short name. The word must remain legible. For example, Uniqlo divided the name into two lines that formed a square. And Miniso not only broke the word, but also added a winking smiley at the end.
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A good text logo allows you to convey the essence of your brand in a simple way. The consumer will be able to easily remember it and recognize it when they see it again. Pay a lot of attention to every detail, and success is guaranteed to you. We wish you good luck!


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