11 1024x683 1 - Here you can find the Top Places to Visit in Dubai11 1024x683 1 - Here you can find the Top Places to Visit in Dubai

In this travel blog article, I’ll showcase some of Dubai’s most distinctive and breathtaking locations to visit for you guys. When people think about buying, they generally think of expensive vehicles and tall buildings. Although nature is not often linked with division, there is enough of it to see and feel when you visit.

In this blurb, I’m going to discuss some of the greatest natural locations in Dubai, which you must see anytime you come to Dubai. You will undoubtedly love your visit.

Dubai Miracle

Dubai miracle garden is an area made up of a hundred and fifty million flowers shapes into different structures and archways it’s one of the largest gardens in the world and the landscaping is so professional that it has even won two Guinness World Records one for the largest vertical gardens in the world and the other for the largest flower structure which is in the shape of large emirates brewing it’s a great place if you want to go and spend some time outdoors or go for a stroll plus is also the perfect place to get beautiful photos.

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Dubai Desert

One of the mind-blowing outdoor places in Dubai is of course the desert the best way to experience it is it is on a wildlife drive through the divided desert Conservation Reserve there are only a few desert safari companies throughout all to operate in this area. I’d recommend platinum heritage as they are the only eco-tourism desert safari company in the year you like me are not only like enjoy spending time in nature and outdoors but I also love learning about nature on a conservation Drive with a platinum heritage you get to learn all about the fauna and flora native to divine since it’s a reserve and there’s no Jim bashing allowed it is really quiet and peaceful Kea so if you are looking to escape the city it’s a great way to experience the outdoors in Dubai.

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Dubai’s beautiful beaches

Another great experience the outdoors our nation devised to visit one of Dubai’s beautiful beaches one of the best ways to experience the biased beaches is worth trying one of the water sports one of the most unique water activities in Dubai is the euro Odyssey Botros it’s the only softer Imatra and Dubai which means that you can drive the boat yourself without needing a boat license these boats are great fun they reach speeds up to 60 kilometers an hour and they are incredibly easy to drive it’s a great way to experience the outdoors but also to get up close to some of the Dubai’s famous icons like Burj Al Arab and Atlantis.

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Nature escapes

Another great place to experience nature and the outdoors is at a place called the farm and over there it’s a beautiful restaurant spa and next door there’s also a place called nature escapes where you can just get a picnic basket and girl after one of the gardeners I love coming for coffee or lunch, and you do feel that you are in nature there’s a lot of trees around in this area and a beautiful stream this is another great place to come spend some time outdoors as the nature it’s beautiful.

I hope that these suggestions are useful to you as you plan your vacation to Dubai. These are some of the finest ways to enjoy nature while you are there, and if you want to learn more about the best sites in Dubai, please keep visiting our blog.

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