With so many options out there, choosing a countertop for your home can be difficult. It takes time and energy to choose the one that fits perfectly. Well, there has been a long debate between granite and quartz countertops. So, both have their pros and cons. But, they have their market value. 

Furthermore, granite and quartz serve the same purpose. But, both differ in many ways. Firstly, they both come from a natural source. But, they can be engineered to some extent. To make these points clear, let’s draw a comparison between the two. 

Granite and quartz are two different stones. Similarly, they differ in terms of properties. So, here is the list of points of their differences:

  1. Appearance
  2. Composition
  3. Durability
  4. Maintenance
  5. Resistance
  6. Eco-friendly
  7. Cost
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1- Appearance:

Granite has a natural texture. It comes in many patterns and colors. Also, it has a grainy texture. That is why it has a unique appearance. You can see minerals on its surface. Also, the patterns come from natural sources. 

On the other hand, quartz countertops have added resins. It also offers a wide array of colors and designs. That is the reason for its popularity. Various elements give it many looks. It has a uniform appearance. But, it does not resemble granite in any way. 

2- Composition:

As far as the composition is concerned, granite is a pure stone. Nothing can beat its natural look. Also, it directly comes from the stone regions. Then, they cut and refine it into slabs. Similarly, the process of polishing and finishing goes on. So, what you see as granite is purity at its best.

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Unlike granite, quartz has 90% of the stone and 10% resins. They add glass, granite, and extracts of marble to it. So, it is fair to say that quartz countertops are a by-product. But you cannot deny the benefits of this engineered stone. It can mimic the look of other natural stones perfectly. In this way, it enhances the look of your home. 

3- Durability:

Well, granite is a durable material for countertops. It can resist heat and moisture pretty well. However, it has a porous surface. So any liquid spills might react to it. Therefore, it requires a sealant. With a quality layer of sealing, it goes a long way. Also, it is perfect for bath countertops.

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For quartz, it is also quite durable. It is harder than granite. That is why it is more durable than the others. Also, it is not porous like granite, so it does not require a sealant. Similarly, its surface does not react to germs or chemicals. In this way, quartz can serve in your kitchen for a long time.

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4- Maintenance:

Every countertop requires cleaning. A kitchen has to be a hygienic place. In this case, granite needs regular cleaning. It is a natural stone, so you have to keep it clean. Also, you can use soap solutions for tough stains. In addition, never place a hot pan or pot on its surface. 

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Quartz countertops are low maintenance. They do not require that much care. However, you have to wipe them daily. But the stains do not damage its surface. Thanks to the resins, spills do not react with it. In case of any tough stains, use a cleanser with a sponge. You can easily retain its beauty with simple care.

5- Resistance:

Granite is both heat and moisture-resistant. But the stains might react to its natural stone. That is why use a sealant before using it in your kitchen.

In contrast, quartz is the most resistant material. It can resist heat and pressure. Its non-porous surface does not react to liquid stains. Therefore, it is a long-lasting material for a countertop. 

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6- Eco-friendly:

Both granite and quartz come from natural resources. However, they differ in their materials. Also, they react to the atmosphere in variation. Granite is eco-friendly in nature. However, you should not prefer this stone outdoors. It may not handle the heat directly. But, it is a germ-free stone for indoors.

For quartz, it is a by-product of other materials too. But it contains a fair amount of its natural stone. That is why it does not give way to any bacterial reactions. Also, it is a germ-free material for kitchen countertops. 

7- Cost:

In terms of price, granite is quite affordable. Its average cost comes in between $2000 and $4000. If the price does not work for you, go for prefab granite slabs. In this way, you can save some money on it. 

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Unlike granite countertops cost, quartz comes at a low price. It depends on its quality and edging. But, these specs do not add much to the total cost. Average quartz countertops range from $1500 to $5500. Also, you may need some extra help to install it in your home. 


Both granite and quartz are known best for countertops. However, they differ in many ways. You can pick the best one for your home by reading this detail. Quartz countertops differ from granite in color, pattern, and composition. But, they have their set market value. So, you can get quality countertops in both materials from badger granite. They offer a wide variety at low prices.


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