Food is considered one of the prime sources of energy for all human beings. And when we talk about food, we cannot think of it without color. It is hard to imagine any food without color. Color in the food has become so important to us that we have started to use food colorings. Any substance that we add as a pigment or a die to impart the desired color in food items is known as a food color. You can find a food coloring agent in different forms. They are available in the form of solid powders, liquids, gels, and even pastes. They are mainly of two types: one is natural, and the other one is synthetic. 

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Obviously, the one that suits our health is natural food color. 

Now you must be thinking, do we really need food coloring?

Well, the answer would be a big yes. Food coloring agents make our food look attractive, as well as informative. It helps customers in identifying their desired food products. When we add food coloring to our food items, the food looks more tempting to us. 

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Natural dyes have held an imperative role in our lives for thousands of years. The oldest of the widely used dyes is indigo. We derive the natural dyes and pigments from plants, animals, and minerals. We mostly use vegetables and fungi in the production of natural dyes and pigments. You may find it a little weird, but the trends are changing now, and people are switching more towards natural colorings. Colors

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When you go to the market to buy natural dyes and pigments, you get to choose from different colors. Let’s start up our discussion with the all-time favorite turmeric. You can use turmeric to give your food a yellow look. We are using turmeric for years to provide natural yellow color to curries, soups, etc. It produces a chemical called curcumin. Only a small amount of curcumin is sufficient to give a crystal yellow shading to our food items. You can check out the new “curcumin” natural food coloring available on It is the best turmeric extract manufacturer that you find online. Purple sweet potato, Beetroot red, and Annatto extract are some of the other natural food coloring products that you must try. 

  • We extract natural dyes and pigments from entirely natural ingredients like fruits, vegetables, and tubers. So, they increase the overall nutritional value of our food items. It is good to add them to our daily food items. They are 100% healthy as they contain definite amounts of vitamins and minerals. They are not only biodegradable but are also non-allergic and non-toxic. Unlike synthetic food colorings, they do not have any harmful chemical or carcinogenic components. One of the most important things you do by choosing natural pigments and dyes over any other kind of food colorings is that you are making an effort towards preserving the environment. You are also lowering your dependence on harmful products. The products that we mainly use for manufacturing natural dyes and pigments do not produce any waste. So, one way or the other, you are connecting yourself closer to nature by using natural dyes and pigments. 
  • Apart from the color, the form in which you are getting the food colorings also matters. One of the many reasons we are switching more towards natural pigments and dyes is that they are available to us in almost every form. They are available in solid, liquids, gels, and even in the form of pastes. The food coloring form may not cause any difference for us, but it definitely matters for chefs and cooks in big restaurants. They have to select a specific coloring form because the food they prepare needs to attract the buyer’s eye.


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