Does using and not using field sales software can create a difference to overall business profitability? If field agent productivity and competency are important factors in determining a company’s growth and success, then not employing field service software might result in huge headaches. Implementing a mobile field sales software in field operations provides a corporation with a number of competitive advantages.

The Main Issues That A Company Would Encounter If Field Sales Management Software Is Not Integrated In Their Operations:

1) Paperwork filing

For decades, field services relied on clipboards and paper; filing paperwork is critical to the system’s operation, but it takes too much time, followed by the effort required to maintain those files. Other dubious factors include having the right files available at the right time and keeping critical reports safe. Disorganization is a major issue because it’s practically impossible to synchronise many parts of a business from within a filing cabinet, such as employee productivity, customer satisfaction, timely service delivery, and so on.

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The need to upgrade to a digital solution is urgent, as the client base demands that service be delivered quickly. Data capture in digital format, secure storage in digital format, and real-time access to files from anywhere all save time and reduce reliance on others.

2) Holding Workers Accountable

Businesses must protect themselves from pencil-whipping employees who have mastered the art of faking by misrepresenting work that was never completed in the first place. Their paperwork is constantly up to date, field visits are scheduled on a regular basis, and the rest is just great to keep good performance records. They cleverly exploit the lack of visibility in field services, which leaves a large margin for lost output. Employees with low self-driven accountability can be quite costly to a company, especially a small one.

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Field sales software for small businesses is effective in maintaining field agent accountability by allowing management to have continuous access into field activity. Field agents’ live GPS whereabouts provide a detailed record of their productive hours. The field agents’ job accountability is ensured by using location validation as verification of their presence at a project site.

3) Scheduling Consistency

It is vital to plan adequate job schedules in order to provide consumers with on-time services. To keep the technicians busy and the clients happy, a well-maintained timetable is required.

Effective scheduling is more than just assigning a job to a field agent at random; Field Sales Management software supports automation in scheduling that assigns a job to the nearest available field agent, while routing provides the field agent with the most efficient route to the job site, resulting in faster service delivery. It also maintains all scheduling information in one location, allowing numerous people to see changes to the schedule at the same time.

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Why the field sales  team  need the best field sales software

A salesperson’s or marketer’s work entails capturing leads, closing sales, and converting leads to customers. As a result, businesses rely on their salespeople to generate revenue because they have direct touch with clients. The field service team, on the other hand, is a workforce that has direct contact with clients/customers and may thus be leveraged to create revenue.

Even field service agents can contribute to revenue generation by cross-selling and up-selling beyond their conventional installation, maintenance, or problem-solving activities with the proper kind of assistance, tools, and technology.

A field sales software is the technology or tool that can make this happen. Let’s take a look at why field service agents are also exceptional salespeople before we get into how the app integrates services and sales.

  • They have a lot of technological expertise.
  • They have a better grasp of the customer’s requirements. Customers accept them more readily and warmly since their advice is more likely to be credible.
  • They have greater chances to interact with clients.
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All of these elements combine to demonstrate that a field service technician or agent is a more reliable and responsive client advisor.

What role does the best field sales software play in helping a service person spot sales opportunities?

Real-time access to product brochures and tutorials:

The field sales software functions as a centralized database that can be accessed in real time. All important information about the company’s products and services can be stored in that database. There’s also room for tutorials on troubleshooting. As a result, the field representative will always have reference materials on hand and will be able to provide any additional services or recommend new products based on the needs of the clients.

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You have access to customer information at all times.

All of a customer’s information, including service history, purchase history, and so on, is organised by the programme. This knowledge is needed to understand possible customer needs and, as a result, new advice can be given.

Access to price information or a quote in real time

In order to consummate a deal, pricing information must be easily available. Although the software isn’t especially user-friendly, it works well as a quotation generator, allowing field agents to generate estimates for any service or product on the client’s premises right away.

Cross-departmental collaboration that is consistent

Because cracking sales isn’t often part of a field technician’s job description, they may be required to collaborate with the back office, senior management, or even salesmen. This will necessitate the use of a real-time collaboration platform. The field service management mobile app takes care of this as well.

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On-site payment and invoice generation

The third criterion is the ability to make payments and generate invoices on-site. The feature is available in some field management software, while others allow for integration. As a result, the task can be completed via third-party trusted payment channels.

Final Note

The aforementioned pain areas must be addressed. Iif they are not, they will gradually deplete a company’s total efficiency. Though it’s difficult to solve all of these, Field Sales Management Software can help by allowing field agents to be more productive, accountable, and efficient in their work.

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