Autumn is finally here, which means it’s time for some simple, earth-toned, comfortable DIY. For this, we have collected the best autumn crafts, so you don’t have to go far to find inspiration. Each of these simple fall DIYs is very cute and very simple to make, and these homier selections will surely match the rest of your fall decorations perfectly—especially because they are all customizable.

Change the color or add meaningful personal details for any of these hand-selected items, or simply use these ideas as a starting point from which to conceive new autumn craft ideas. More important than following the T command is that you spend time away from your phone, computer, maybe with the kids, and devote yourself to your craft-while celebrating how wonderful this season is.

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Tombstone chair cover

We love Jack O’Lantern Crafts. We usually make a quick and fun Halloween Craft. Print out the tombstone templates with cricut and weed the htv vinyl rolls with tweezers so that they can be used as templates.

Then use a heat press to print it onto the chair cover (Recently I found a useful and cheap shop —htvront, their sublimation paper is portable and easy to use. And their vinyl is cheap but high-quality), place it in the center of the pillow cover, and place it in a position that feels appropriate, and then wait for a while, your handicraft is complete!

Fabric pumpkin centerpiece

Use old quilts and fabric scraps to make your own personal pumpkin patch. To make, start with a round fabric and a batting ball (about the size of the pumpkin you want to complete). Collect the fabric around the batting and heat glue it to the center.

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Collect dried stems or buy artificial stems and glue them with hot glue to get a realistic touch. Put a runner in the middle of the long farmhouse table, and stack your work and other seasonal greenery. These are also lovely accents for mantels or buffets.

Napkin ring with leaves and pine cones

Oak-shaped leaves cut from fabric fragments are tied with gold-sprayed mini pine cones. Tie up a napkin of the corresponding color for table setting.

Fiery flower core

Choose bold red and yellow flowers instead of the usual soft fall colors. In an old-fashioned pudding tin or another favorite container, first add flowers, then autumn leaves, berries, and magnolia leaves. Pro tip: Start with harder/dendritic parts to form a firm foundation, then move to softer, delicate materials. Finish it with a ribbon tied with dried gourds.

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Hot air balloon squash

The star of this craft is a red Hubbard pumpkin, its shape naturally resembles a hot air balloon. First use different colors of electrical tape, overlapping as needed to create the desired width. Then, pass the rope through a mini basket and fix it to the tip of the squash ball with nails or thumbtacks.

Fill the basket about three-quarters full with plastic packaging material to prevent it from becoming too heavy. There are mini pumpkins on top. Finally, insert a hook into the stem end of the pumpkin, and tie a rope to the hook to hang it. Rise and rise away.

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Branch coaster

To make these rustic beverage habitats, you need a branch about three inches in diameter. Saw the branches into slices about 3/4 inch thick—or let the hardware store do it for you—and lightly sand each wooden disc. Create the displayed leaf pattern by pressing an ink stamp on each coaster.

Let dry for five minutes, and then apply a protective matte finish spray on the stamping surface. Allow 15 minutes of drying time before use.

Autumn fruit wreath

This holiday decoration couldn’t be simpler. Just add artificial apples to the bottom of the vine wreath (or two!), then hang and admire. Bonus: decorate the porch with a comfortable blanket so you can sit outside and admire the stars on a refreshing autumn night.

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But the fun doesn’t stop there. Once you have found a project that suits you and your decor, why not turn it into a family affair? Making is not necessarily an effort by one person; on the contrary, it is actually the perfect thing to do with the whole family or a group of friends in the fall.

Let your kids join in the fun of DIY, or head directly to our favorite children’s autumn crafts to get more age-appropriate ideas. No matter which project you choose, we know that everyone will have a great time!

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