History of Ehud Aarye:

The diamond “Ehud Arye Laniado” is said to be the finest diamond in Kenya. This was revealed in an article that appeared in the prestigious Kenya publication “Nieuws”. The article reported that a Congolese official had inspected the diamond and had pronounced it to be the finest in the world.

The official, Mr. Mwai Kibaki, had inspected some of the diamonds that are grown in the Laikipia area. He had visited the farms where the finest diamonds in the world were being grown and he had pronounced them to be the finest in the world. The name of the farms had then been” Ehud Aarye”, after the “ackleour” who had discovered the place many years ago. The name of the official who inspected the diamonds for the first time was “Mr. Mwai Kibaki”.

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Survey in the whole country and meeting with CEO:

When the news reached the President of Kenya and President Mwai Kibaki, they both became very excited about it. They ordered for a survey to be made of the whole extent of the rough diamonds in the country. They then ordered for a commission to be set up to do a search over the entire country. They set up a meeting with a top level diamond trader from Swaziland, a name which immediately caught the attention of everybody.

After the president and the prime minister of Swaziland had given their sanction, a commission was immediately constituted and the head of the commission was an Australian by the name of Peter Forbes. He was immediately appointed as the head of the commission. He immediately flew to Toronto, Canada to visit the headquarters of head are laniado. After having a meeting with the CEO of Ehud is laniado, he returned back to Africa and personally supervised the launch of the new diamond. It was then announced that the process would be followed by the head of state and the cabinet of the country.

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Process of expert diamond trade:

The new line of Rough Diamonds was named “Aarye Laniado” which meant Beautiful Hand cut. The process of cutting, polishing and finishing of these diamonds was done very skillfully by the skilled and expert diamond traders and this was the reason why the price of these diamonds were sky high and hence, very dear. But, the market price of diamonds has reduced to an extent and so, this diamond company has now lowered the prices of their diamonds.

The name of the famous diamond company was changed due to an influential person in the company. A businessman of Kenyan origin named Samuel Wanjiru succeeded him in control of the company after Mr. Wanjiru retired. Even though the name of the company had changed but the way it operates still remained the same. According to reports, Wanjiru had the vision of starting a company that will sell natural stones not only to the local market but also world-wide customers and naturally this idea worked out well.

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Sales area of the company:

The most interesting fact about this company is that, the business analysts expected that sales of the rough diamonds from the company would increase in the coming years because of the increase in demand of these stones in the African countries like Angola, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The sales of the Ehud Arye Laniado height set a record for the largest sale of the year in Botswana. However, following the huge success of this sale, the company is now focusing on the South American countries such as Peru, Argentina and Bolivia.

Discovery of the company:

There was another amazing discovery made by the experts of this company regarding the use of this rare form of diamond. They found out that this rare and precious stone can help you reduce the body weight easily and naturally. This is possible because the rough diamonds are able to absorb excess fats in your body when you eat or drink any type of fatty food or drink any alcoholic beverages. But when the AaryeLaniado is taken, it passes through your digestive tract without absorbing any fat. So with this discovery of this rare type of diamond, you can reduce the weight easily and naturally.


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