This article presents an ultimate guide to eco-friendly resealable pouches. Eco-friendly packing is very important in making this planet pollution-free. Packing companies are changing their details of packings to reduce the impact of carbon and plastic being pollutants on the environment.

Eco-Friendly Packaging:

Eco-friendly packaging refers to the packaging which is recyclable and environmentally and health-friendly. This aims at creating packing which has the least impact on the consumption of energy and natural resources. For eco-friendly packing, manufacturers needed to use raw or totally recycled materials. This reduces the process of production, carbon trace, and supply chain. A circular economy is promoted in this way and extends the usability and lifecycle. Here are a few examples of eco-friendly packaging initiatives taken in the world: Mcdonalds decided to make packing totally eco-friendly by 2025. 37% of US customers now prefer eco-friendly packing.  51% of manufacturers of eco-friendly packing are targeting their circular economy growth. Hence, eco-friendly packing can enhance business as well as win customers confidence and brand loyalty.

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Environmental Friendly:

Major environmental problems like overflowing landfills, water, and air pollution, and global warming are caused by discarding packaging. Company packing choice has a long-term impact on the environment. Custom stand up pouches are one of the most useful eco-friendly packagings. Their manufacturing process is very energy efficient in which a number of laminations and special films are taken together.  The resulting product i.e., stand up pouch is stable, flexible, and strong as well. 

Consume Less Material:

Moreover, it consumes 12% less material than other packing methods. Less material consumption leads to less consumption of fuel used for shipment of bags and ultimately less pollution.

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Traditional bag packing needs additional packing like plastic liner, inner foil, bag, canister, or carton. Stand up pouches do not need such additional packing. Hence, they consume less air, and extra packing material is conserved.

Comes in Variety:

Eco-friendly pouches come in a variety of kraft, clear and white kraft. Kraft pouches have solid panels and clear oval windows. Clear pouches have resealable zippers while kraft pouches are with or without resealable zippers. They are most suitable for non-refrigerated items retailing. They serve as a barrier to high moisture and air.  They keep the food safe and protected from heat and they are created from totally compostable materials.

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Help to Win Customer:

Eco-friendly packing can help a business grow by winning customers’ loyalty. As observed, customers are willing to pay extra costs for eco-packing. Moreover, customers are also willing to alter their usage habits. Less packaging and storage costs are one of the advantages of eco-friendly pouches. Stand up pouch wholesale and manufacturing companies will utilize materials that reduce environmental waste. In this way, the additional cost of storage is eliminated. 

Best For Marketing:

Eco-friendly packing can help in the reusability of material, hence reducing waste. Eco-field or green packing has versatility in nature. Fewer carbon traces make a brand socially famous, and it will gain more positive feedback. Eco-friendly packaging helps in the marketing of the brand as influencers will post more on social media regarding green packaging. In this way, the brand will get a maximum promotion.

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As per the “Sustainable packaging coalition”, a specific criterion must be there to choose an eco-friendly wholesale packing.

 Following queries must be asked to yourself before eco-friendly manufacturers are selected:

  • ​Can the packing material be recycled?
  • ​Is recycled material e.g., Kraft paper being used by the company
  • ​Is the packaging material decomposable?
  • ​Is it meeting market standards, cost, and performance?
  • ​Is clean manufacturing processes and techniques being used by the company for the packaging process?
  • ​Did the manufacturers use clean production processes and technologies in the making process?
  • In this article, eco-friendly resealable pouches are discussed, and their advantages and impacts are also presented.


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