Even if you’re not trying to party with cocktails, there are tons of clubs where the goal is to dance til you drop. Between dancing, comedy clubs, and live performances, you can’t say there aren’t options at least. However, there are some things you want to be aware of before you hop on the subway.


Do Stick Together

Sticking together is an important rule that is underrated in any city. If you hit the town with a bunch of friends, you all must be accountable for each other. This is even more true if there is going to be alcohol involved. Alcohol impairs our judgment and we may not all make the best choices when we’re out on the town. However, you should look out for yourself and your friends.

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Try incorporating something like a buddy system where you pair off and are in charge of making sure that the other person and yourself make it to a safe location at the end of the night. Being in the city, you probably won’t be driving much so that’s a good starting point.


However, bad things can go down in the big city and sometimes people take advantage of strangers. Anyone can become a victim. Although it may be as cliche as partying in NYC, practice safety first. Make sure someone calls a taxi or an uber. Make sure you all communicate, especially if you plan to split up and reconvene at a later time.

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Do Try New Things

Anyone who has at least visited the most popular place in the U.S. knows that the city doesn’t sleep. There is something to do all the time. To take advantage of your stay, you should make sure your itinerary is full of activities. Try to be creative even if you are only dedicating a specific amount of time to exploring the city. If you want to check out a restaurant, you’re not going to pick something you can experience at home right?


The same rules apply to after-hour explorations. Have you ever been to a drag show? If not, why not check it out? Have you ever experienced what it’s like to visit an authentic speak-easy? How about a hot tub in the middle of a dance floor? Everyone has different interests, and maybe you should push the boundaries and explore new things.

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One thing is for sure, you should only expect that you will continuously be surprised at what the city has to offer. It’s truly a marvelous concrete jungle of culture and fun. Any resident can assure you that there’s never a shortage of fun. If you’re transferring because of a job or just looking to experience a new city for a while, check out Manhattan Real Estate for an idea of what’s available.

Don’t Be Intimidated

Big cities can sometimes freak people out, and that’s a normal reaction. If you’re busting out to the New York scene at night, you better have some sort of thick skin. You probably wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t. Once again, if you’re practicing safety first, then you’re starting on the right foot. Depending on what district you’re heading to, you’re going to have your pick of venues.

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At certain times of the year, there are particular events. Currently, there is Pride Month in NYC. It is a celebration of the LGBQ+ community and there are parades, speakers, and marches all over the city in celebration and education. These events carry over into the night, so expect to meet amazing people from all over the world who flock here for the holiday.


Other months there are celebrations of film and music. Summerstage is a free and ticketed live music program that takes place in parks all over the city. These draw in locals to enjoy the sounds of all types of local artists. The type of music spans all genres. There is nothing like enjoying some free music in the city during the summertime.

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