Founder and CEO, Corey James is using his knowledge of the music biz and digital marketing to help artists and businesses promote their brand by producing viral content. 

Corey James Cochran is the son of the late Motown Records Sr. Vice President of R&B promotion and a seasoned photographer and videographer who has also shot for A-list actor Mike Epps, rapper Rakim, Dougie Fresh, KRS-1, and Big Daddy Kane. 

Corey and his crew have worked on YouTube campaigns for Debbie Gibson and KHAO ft. Gucci Mane Infamous, Thierry top ten public speakers, and Les Brown’s book “You’ve Got To Be Hungry,” just to name a few. 

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The Advantages of Viral Marketing

There are many advantages to viral marketing. Corey explains, “ It’s a low-cost solution with a huge return. A viral campaign requires social media users to do the work by sharing videos and gaining mainstream exposure. This saves artists a ton in distribution costs. There’s no need to invest in any other advertising.” 

Corey continues, “ Our goal is to reach a wide audience quickly so that musicians and artists can see rapid growth without overspending. They’re running a business just like anyone else. It’s my belief that musicians and artists aren’t seeing enough return on their investments.” 

Connect with Industry Leaders

Viral marketing increases visibility so that artists can connect with industry leaders and become industry leaders. This is also a great option for brands and small businesses. There’s little time wasted in viral marketing. You don’t have to hack the algorithm by constantly pushing your content onto people. 

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Once you’ve put yourself out there, you’ll automatically see a spike in likes, followers, and subscribers. Though viral videos are thought of as short-term solutions, they can actually be a long-term solution that will help build your brand. 

You have the ability to capitalize on the viewers as long as you have a structured plan. Let’s Go Viral will strategize and optimize your content to make your videos go viral and increase the value of your brand. 

Let’s Go Viral’s Mission

Let’s go Viral Now LLC has continued to grow in popularity with music artists as well as different categories of content creators, especially with their social media marketing solutions. “We believe in total transparency,” Corey explains. “What you see is what you get.”

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Corey continues, “After years of building viral Facebook pages with funny videos, I decided to go into business for myself and help others reach their target goals online. There are some risks involved with going viral which is why it’s best to leave this kind of marketing to a professional.” The last thing you want is to release a video that will destroy your brand. With the ability to reach such a wide audience, you risk being misinterpreted or being parodied. 

Get Creative with Your Marketing Strategy

Let’s GO Viral has become one of the most sought-after providers of innovative, quality, yet affordable marketing solutions.“We’ve been able to carve a niche for ourselves in the entertainment industry,” Corey says. “We are the best when it comes to viral marketing techniques.” 

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The company offers several different packages to choose from that will get you more followers, likes, and subscribers without breaking the bank. Corey and his team are passionate about helping artists, brands, and other creative individuals succeed and will work with you to find the perfect solution. 

For more information, visit: Social Media Marketing Music Streaming|Lets Go Viral Now|Duluth or contact: [email protected]


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